Deadline nears for Miss World Guyana application

Deadline nears for Miss World Guyana application
Reigning Miss World Guyana, Ambika Ramaraj.
Ms. World Guyana Organization

The Miss World Guyana organization is in search of young women between the ages of 17 and 26 to be tested to vie in the up-coming Miss World Pageant in Thailand, according to Ravi Ramkeesoon, U.S. managing director of marketing and outreach initiatives.

Under the theme: Freedom-Get Involved, Transform, Evolve, persons have until March 10, 2019, to submit applications to

Ramkeesoon said, for the first time, the Miss World Guyana pageant would be promoting Guyanese diaspora applicants from the United States.

According to statistics, he said, there are over 270,000 Guyanese residing in the US, thus, sourcing potential Miss World applicants from the region is now a priority for the event organizers, who will evaluate persons on their understanding of the world, personality traits, abilities in sports, debate, talent multimedia, confidence, and community service.

Each year, according to Ramkeesoon, the Miss World Guyana organization tests over 50 candidates. Ten finalists are then selected and appointed an administrative region of Guyana to represent.

On coronation night, judges select one, to represent Guyana at the Miss World competition.

“In Guyana, and the Caribbean region, there are very few platforms available that spotlight young women. Miss World Guyana is one of them. The brand represents female empowerment. We believe the event also serves as a mechanism to showcase national talent, that can be used as a professional springboard.”

“In addition, representing Guyana on the Miss World stage is an accomplishment in itself, one that will last a lifetime,” said Ramkeesoon,

He pointed out that Guyana has had recent success on the Miss World stage including top 10 overall finishes by Rafieya Hussain in London in 2014 and Lisa Punch in China in 2015.

“But perhaps the most notable success story on the Miss World stage goes to Shakira Baksh (Caine) who represented Guyana at Miss World in 1967 and finished third overall.”

She then launched her career in modeling in London and appeared in films such as “The Man Who Would be King” along with Sean Connery and Michael Caine.

Reigning Miss World Guyana, Ambika Ramaraj said, “upon winning the crown, “I was overwhelmed, there was a combination of shock, relief, joy, anticipation of what comes next.”

“I was so grateful in that moment; the work that myself, my family and supporters put in had paid off. I now had an opportunity to advocate for a cause that I wouldn’t have been able to advocate for on the scale that I did,” said the beauty.

Ramkeesoon said the Miss World Organization has high hopes for a Miss World win, that would catapult Guyana into history.




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