Dr. Rhonda N. Cambridge-Phillip, MD, MPH, CHC

Dr. Rhonda N. Cambridge-Phillip, MD, MPH, CHC

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Dr. Rhonda Cambridge-Phillip is the daughter of parents who emigrated from the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

Dr. Cambridge-Phillip is an attending physician in the Department of Pediatrics at Kings County Hospital Center in Brooklyn. A board certified licensed pediatrician, she has a subspecialty certification in Adolescent Medicine and additionally holds a masters degree in public health. She is also a certified holistic health coach who focuses on nutrition and how it affects overall well being.

As a first generation immigrant, the doctor also understands the impact that cultural beliefs and practices can have on issues relevant to health. She has been in healthcare for 17 years.

“I chose my field because I always loved the physical sciences, loved to help and be of service to others, particularly members of my own community,” she said. “I also have an undying love for patient care.”

Dr. Cambridge-Phillip received her Bachelor of Science (BS) degree from the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at the City College of New York and her Medical Degree (MD) from New York Medical College.

Her specific areas of interest include reproductive health, nutrition services as a form of preventative medicine, and community outreach / education services targeted to youth and adults alike. “I believe that members of my community should be equipped with the knowledge, skills, support, and resources that will allow them to develop healthy behaviors and lifestyles,” she said.

Dr. Cambridge-Phillip paid tribute to Dr. Muriel Petioni, an accomplished physician and community activist born in Trinidad, as having the most influence on her career. “She was one of the first black physicians on staff at Harlem Hospital and was an inspiration to me very early on because of her accomplishments and her work in the community,” said Dr. Cambridge-Phillip.

She is a member of several academic and professional societies and organizations including the Association of Drugless Practitioners.

In addition to her various clinical responsibilities, she is the author of “Bye, Bye Cancer,” a book that offers a simple, easy to follow guide regarding the role that nutritional supplements can play in the prevention and healing of cancer. She is also an active field director with Symmetry Global, a nutritional corporation.

The favorite quote of this doctor, mother and wife is by Mark Twain: Courage is not the absence of fear, it is action in the face of fear.

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