Dynamic Airways grounded until August 8

Chief Executive Officer of Roraima Airways, Captain Gerry Gouveia addressing a NY audience at the launching of Dynamic Airways at the Sheraton Hotel JFK. At his left is Tom Johnson, VP of business development at Dynamic Airways and right, Guyana Consul General Brentnold Evans.
Photo by Charlie Paparrazzi:KmaxProMedia

Dynamic Airways has been grounded less than a month after the North Carolina-based charter service began its operations to the Republic of Guyana in partnership with Roraima Airways.

Gerry Gouveia, chief executive officer of Roraima Airways in a statement to the press said, “due to operational difficulties with securing time slots at JFK Airport for the month of July, the carrier is temporary suspending its service to Georgetown until Aug. 8 of this year.

The captain added that the airline would transport passengers that already started their travel in the month of July.

“We are currently protecting all passenger that started their travel and are impacted by this temporary suspension. All passengers traveling in the period July 17 to Aug. 8 will receive full refund plus compensatory voucher for future purchases on Dynamic airways,” he added.

The airline was delayed by the TSA at JFK for more than four hours before its June 26 inaugural flight took off due to discrepancy with the baggage and the passenger manifest. The airline later fired its ground crew and was then faced with major problems such as securing a terminal, hiring another ground crew and time slots for departures and arrivals.

During its troubled few weeks, the carried diverted its flights to Atlantic City International airport, to where it shuttled passengers to and from JFK. A few days after, the plane arrived at the Bradley Airport in Connecticut from where it also had to bus passengers to JFK, causing anxiety and worry by passengers who had gone to the New York airport trying to get back to Guyana.

All of the flights were either delayed, or cancelled, forcing the Dynamic to pay airfares for passengers to travel on other carriers.

But despite the issues that bugged the airline, Dynamic took off from one airport, and this time arrived at Miami International airport where passengers were processed before the airline obtained domestic status and given permission to land at JFK. This particular flight took more than 14 hours to arrive in New York.

Gouveia said that the temporary suspension will allow the airline to secure time slots at FJK, organize better ground handling, check-in and security schedule integrity, which Dynamic Airways is well known for.

He added that flights starting next month will not be impacted by this change and will be operated as displayed on the carrier’s website and in the reservation system.

The businessman apologized to passengers by stating, “We are very sorry for the inconvenience this change might have caused. Thank you for your patience while we are processing refund request and protecting our passengers impacted by this suspension.”

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