Jakie criticizes “Dem Judges” at Union Island Day picnic at Seaview Park in Canarsie, Brooklyn, in August 2021.
Photo by Nelson A. King

After a dynamic Labor Day weekend fundraising jam, the Brooklyn-based Dyanamites Calypso Tent continues to thrill patrons with another ecstatic concert Saturday night at 42 Malta Street, Brooklyn.

Carlos “Rejector” Providence, the tent’s president and former Vincentian Calypso Monarch, told Caribbean Life Tuesday night that several Vincentian calypso/soca artists were on hand for the enthralling event.

“Everyone expressed profound satisfaction with the entire event and requested that the Dynamites make this an annual event,” said Providence, stating that Doug Howard served as Master of Ceremonies, with appearances by entertainment promoters Bennett Straker, Hailes Costello and Atiba Williams.

“The music stopped, but many persons stayed at the bar drinking and chatting,” he added.

Providence said Oscar James and Imad affirmed their “versatility” by performing ballad, reggae and calypso – “all well received by the very appreciative audience.”

Former national calypso monarch De Man Age did “Changes” and a crowd favorite, “Happily Married”, “and left the audience wanting more,” Providence said.

“Then came Persono 007, with his thought-provoking ‘Sarah’, whipping the happy audience into laughter,” he added.

Providence said Gregory rendered a “well-written gospel and commentary.”

St. Lucian Fireman Mitch, the only non-Vincentian calypsonian, offered two renditions, “and they both had the audience dancing and singing along,” Providence said.

Carlos “Rejector” Providence performs during the preliminary judging of the Dynamites Calypso Tent for Vincy Mas in June 2018. Photo by Nelson A. King

He said the usually well-dressed Jakie followed up with four songs, “which had the packed venue partying,”

Providence himself shed light on “Only When We Roam” and “Unethical Doctor,” earning an encore.

With two commentaries, John Dougan added his big soca hit, “Ah Hitting It”, “and was clearly a crowd pleaser,” Providence said.

He said while Costello urged patrons to “Get Up and Dance”, Fabulous T returned to the Dynamites stage with a bang, whipping up the crowd with “Whop”.

Man Kemmy, a former Vincentian Youth Calypso Monarch, reflected on Sir D’s “Woman Gone” and considered being “Too Young to Soca.”

But Jose Juan “Never Give Up”, his 2021 release, and emphasized the importance of “Freedom”, Providence said.

He said Dennis Bowman “then set the mood for the rest of the night” with a 15-minute medley, featuring one of his classics, “Whey e Dey”, and some hits from his former band, Black Sand.

However, in a 20-minute medley, the legendary Ron Pompey “had the crowd in a frenzy and really showed justification for being called a legend,” Providence said.

“Another well-loved legend followed, and all chairs and anything considered an obstacle were moved, and the spacious backyard turned into a huge fete, as Scorcher clearly came to ‘Wake Up the Party,’” he said, referring to Cyril “Scorcher” Thomas, calypsonian, retired public school teacher in Brooklyn, former national goal keeper in soccer and erstwhile diplomat, among other things.

“His 20-minute medley had everyone dancing, drinks in hand, and joyfully singing along,” Providence added. “And, when he was done, the crowd was not. They kept calling for more.”

He said DJs Dennis Bowman and M Wan obliged, “but eventually had to announce it’s 1:30 Sunday morning, and time to get some rest.”

Providence said a moment of silence was also observed for all Vincentian cultural icons, radio personalities and nationals “we have lost recently.”

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