Eight ways to help make Mother’s Day healthy

Sunday, May 13 is Mother’s Day. Here are some simple steps- compliments of the CDC – to make Mother’s Day a special day of health for mom.

Make sure to include these tips in your daily life, so if mom resists, your response can be “It’s easy… Let’s do it together.”

Show her your sweet side.

Include fruit in any meal or snack you prepare. Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber that may help protect from certain diseases.

Mom was right: eat your vegetables.

“Eat your vegetables” is one of several things mothers are known for saying to kids. Vegetables are a natural source of energy and give the body many nutrients needed to keep going. Find what’s in season and add a variety of colors and flavors to anything you prepare.

Be original. Keep it simple. Act on her behalf.

~Offer to change the batteries in the smoke alarms. Make sure she’s taking steps to prevent fires.

~Help her get prepared for spring and summer storms.

~Get her a fabulous spring hat for sun protection against skin cancer.

~If she’s a senior, help reduce her risk for falls by making her home safer.

~Learn together the common symptoms of a heart attack (or stroke) and what to do in case of one. Make the Call. Don’t Miss a Beat.

Mind your manners.

Don’t add to her stress. Stress can manifest in a variety of ways. If she is stressed, help her get the right care and support she needs. Also, insufficient sleep is associated with a number of chronic diseases and conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression. Encouraging her to get the recommended amount of sleep can be helpful to good health.

Put your foot down, and raise your arms too.

Get the recommended physical activity with your mom. Encourage her to walk, help her plant her garden, ride your bicycles together (with helmets), take her dancing, or anything else that will help you both get the recommended minimum 2½ hours of moderate physical activity each week.

Clear the air.

If you smoke, quit (Imagine how happy that will make her). If she smokes, encourage her to quit. Fortunately, people who stop smoking greatly reduce their risk for disease and premature death. Although the health benefits are greater for people who stop at earlier ages, cessation is beneficial at all ages. Second hand smoke, the smoke inhaled from someone else smoking, is also dangerous. There is no safe amount of secondhand smoke. Breathing secondhand smoke for a short time can hurt the body. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) for more information.

New Mom’s: Try text4baby – text messages for new moms and moms-to-be.

Sign up for text4baby. Text4baby is a free service that provides pregnant women and new moms with free cell phone text messages each week with tips on having a health pregnancy and raising a healthy baby the first year. These messages are timed to a woman’s due date or the baby’s date of birth. Text BABY to 511411 (or BEBE in Spanish) to start receiving messages right away.

An e-card for Mom, or text messages

Show her you care about her health. Send her a health e-card and add a special message.

Mother’s Day Charm Health-e-Card

Mother’s Day Choices Health-e-Card

Women’s Health Health-e-Cards

Source: CDC Office of Women’s Health

Courtesy of Health Living News

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