Entrepreneurial workshop at York College

A free entrepreneurial workshop will take place at York College’s Faculty Dining Room on Nov. 15.

Council Member Leroy Comrie who has collaborated with local businesses and non-profits to help build institutions needed in Queens is hosting the non-profit workshop.

The workshop will show entrepreneurs how to find and write grant proposals, create successful events, how to save money and how to prepare for audits.

Councilman Comrie said, “This workshop was put together in order to help them find funding, build coalitions and design even more ways to help the community.”

There will be workshops led by experts in their respective areas. Reverend Tyrone Sellers, CPA, will show participants how to prepare for an audit and Ximena Rua-Merkin, from Community Resource Exchange, will show writers how to make their grant applications stand out from the crowd.

Joshua Peskay, director of Technology Service from Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York, will give a demonstration on how to set up a small business using the latest technology.

Comrie hopes that these workshops will be able to make current non-profits stronger and show future entrepreneur’s how to grow a successful organization. He said, “Everyone knows government is not going to be able to solve all of the community’s needs and non-profit organizations are helping to fill the gap.”

Participants must register ahead of time by either calling Council Member Comrie’s district office at 718-776-3700 or register online at www.leroycomrie.com.

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