‘Exotica’ on the Parkway

‘Exotica’ on the Parkway|‘Exotica’ on the Parkway|‘Exotica’ on the Parkway
Edwina Pierre portrays “Shirley Temple.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

D’Midas International New York mas band is again hoping to place in the top three for medium-sized bands in the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade.

“D’ Midas International New York always put our best foot forward, so we always have high expectations and hope to place in the top three in our category,” said band leader and co-founder Glenn A. Fahie Turnbull in a Caribbean Life interview.

Turnbull, who is also vice president of the New York Band Leaders Association, said D’Midas International New York will present “Island Hoppers” in the Junior Competition and “Exotica” in the Adult Competition.

“As a unified Caribbean group, we decided that this year is the year that we would design costumes to represent some of the islands in the Caribbean,” he said, adding that the adults’ theme is a mixture of exotic fruits, drinks, places and tribes from around the world.

Turnbull, who has been participating in carnival in the Big Apple for more than 25 years, said that the band, over the years, has placed consistently in the top categories in the carnival, including the top position of King and Queen of the Bands.

He said “Island Hoppers” and “Exotica” comprise nine sections each. “Island Hoppers’” sections are: Dominican Rain Forest, Tobago Bucco Reef, Guyana Gold Rush, Caribbean Pirates, US Virgin Island Dancer, British Isles Dancer, Polynesians, Dancers and The Hawaiian.

King-Salaam Ramsey portrays “Aquafina.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

“Exotica” comprises: Pink Champagne, Bronzer, Alize, Tribal Rage, Aquafina, Shirley Temple, Viniq, Sex on D’ Beach and Guava Passion.

Turnbull said each section comprises 20 masqueraders for an overall total of 180.

“Masqueraders, who play with D’ Midas International New York, can expect to experience a safe, fun atmosphere while enjoying themselves, as they party down the Parkway, showing off the work of art, costumes,” he said, adding that the band is “well on the way” with this year’s presentation.

Masqueraders will sway to the beat of DJ Young Sound and others, Turnbull said.

He said D’ Midas International New York was formed in 1998 by him and “a group of concerned friends and family members to promote the culture of the Caribbean in a positive light and to promote Caribbean culture to our neighbors.”

The mas camp is located at 1619 Nostrand Ave., between Tilden Avenue and Beverly Road in Brooklyn. Turnbull can be reached at (718)-809-1017 or (718) 462-6137.

Aaniya Johnson portrays “Viniq.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

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