Fete ‘Like A Boss’

Fete ‘Like A Boss’|Fete ‘Like A Boss’
Spectators show their true colors by cheering and waving flags.
Photo by Tom Callan

Labor Day marks the end of the summer.

The last hoorah of hazy days and laughter-filled nights, there is indeed a formula in making the best out of your carnival experience. There are plenty to see and enjoy but without the right rulebook you can miss out on the colorful floats, special appearances, food and dancing the day provides.

Whether you are a Labor Day virgin or planning a Labor Day comeback here are some sure fire rules to follow when hitting the parkway Monday, Sept. 7.

Mind Your Feet

You will be walking all day — some won’t make it home from the night before — so do not pull out those show stopping “first day of school” shoes. Slide your precious toes into something comfortable that will provide the proper support you’ll need from walking all day. Bear in mind that the parkway is crowded, a person or five will step on you — more reasons to keep the fresh kicks in the closet.

Calm Your Temper

A person or five might step on you, some might bump into you. Others — hopefully not — might rudely shove past you. It is a lot of people crammed into one place but all are trying to enjoy the passing floats and masqueraders. Leave your fiery temper at home.


Who needs an excuse to gorge on plenty jerk chicken and drown in a sea of mauby or sorrel? There are vendors lining the streets of the parkway with flags, in case you somehow forgot yours, and food for years. Enjoy a plate or two to keep your energy up to watch the floats make their way down the road.

Pack Smart

If the day proves to be a scorcher, bring a bottle of water with you — no reason to risk dehydration. Ladies, do not — and I repeat — do not bring your oversized workbag onto the parkway. You are taking up unnecessary space that could potentially be prime wuk up room. Please spare yourself the headache and keep your wallets, cash and hard earned coins out of your back pocket. This is a day where a fanny pack is socially acceptable.

Have Fun

This is summer’s goodbye and the last day off for quite a while. Commemorate your vacations — or staycations — with pride for your flag and all of what the beautiful Caribbean has to offer.

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