Flourishing Floral Entrepreneur: Stephanie Barr cultivates connections and community 

Some of the participants of the floral class.
Photo by Stephanie Barr

In the bustling streets of New York City, Stephanie Barr, a 33-year-old florist, has blossomed into a community leader and entrepreneur with her flourishing business, ReadMyTulips. What started as a simple venture to share her love for flowers has now evolved into a platform where women connect, learn, and network while nurturing their floral passion.

Amid the challenges of the pandemic, Barr found solace and purpose in the world of floristry. She turned her passion into a business, offering floral classes to women in New York City to help them better care for flowers and plants. Beyond just teaching floral techniques, Barr’s classes have become a sanctuary for women to bond, share experiences, and support each other.

“The most rewarding part is what people take away from the class for one I’m huge on self-care and I feel like floral arrangement is tapping into a minor part of it and you’re developing a self-care hobby that you can carry on throughout your life and it also encourages people to do other things that are therapeutic whether it be journaling…I also love that this is building a community for women and helping them feel comfortable because some of the women are scared to do things to come alone but you come and make such good friends with other women who have mutual interests.

For Barr, ReadMyTulips is more than just a business — it is a community where women empower each other and build lasting connections. Her workshops held monthly in Astoria Queens, have garnered a reputation for being not only educational but also luxurious experiences where participants indulge in the art of floral design while fostering meaningful relationships.

As a small Black female business owner, Barr has faced her fair share of challenges, but she remains resilient and determined to thrive. Reflecting on her journey, she acknowledges the importance of learning from setbacks and understanding the difference between what is meant for her and what is not.

Looking ahead, Barr has ambitious plans to expand ReadMyTulips beyond New York City and into other states across the country. Her vision is to create a network of floral enthusiasts who share her passion for flowers and community building.

In a world filled with uncertainty, Barr’s story serves as a reminder of the power of passion, resilience, and community. Through ReadMyTulips, she has not only found her calling but has also created a space where women can bloom and flourish together.

You can follow her on Instagram @readmytulipsnyc