Goal guide: Author pens motivating self-help book

Goal guide: Author pens motivating self-help book|Goal guide: Author pens motivating self-help book
Author and motivational speaker Nikkie Pryce is releasing her self-help book, “Dreamers, Take Action” to help young millennials find motivation to reach their goals.
Keilan Scott

It’s time for some action!

Long Island-based motivational speaker and author Nikkie Pryce is releasing her first book to help millennials jump start their dreams. In her self-help book titled “Dreamers, Take Action,” to be released on July 24, she lays out a guideline for the perpetual dreamer to embark on their goals and aspirations, because she too was once a procrastinator with many plans before setting forth on her ambitions.

“One day I looked in the mirror saying ‘Dreamers take actions,’ and really started doing things I said I would do,” said Pryce. “Even writing this book was a dream of mine, but in 2010 it was just a thought back then.”

Having finally completed her book, a goal of hers that she worked on for three years, Pryce decided that her topic of interest was to share the motivation she gained working toward her dream with others in a self-help guide. In the book, she discusses seven different steps that a dreamer can take to reach an objective, and the common setbacks that can come along the way, she added.

“The reason why I wrote this book is because I always wanted to do this but also wanted to skydive into why I didn’t do it earlier — because people always have excuses especially when it comes to writing a book or starting a business,” she said. “You have to cut the excuses and put massive action to it everyday assisting it from point A where it’s just a dream, to point B where you take steps to action — because someone can be motivated but don’t have actionable actions.”

With a background in broadcast media, she did not always think she was going to be an author despite her love for the pen but now sees that it was a dream yet to be tested, said Pryce.

The 117-page book is a quick and practical read, that steers readers toward a driven attitude, according to Pryce. And she takes on the tone of an older sibling when detailing the beginning steps for a path to success.

”I’m so high energy and excited for life and I’m that voice encouraging teamwork,” said Pryce.

And she is the main inspiration behind her manual. She says her own journey opened her eyes to the struggle with getting on board to complete a desire, and is now a declaration of her determination.

“The book is the blueprint on how to go from a dreamer, to just doing your dreams and actually putting action to it — it’s like an affirmation for me,” she said.

But in order to get to that point strong a desire, encouragement is needed as well as a belief in your capabilities.

“Whatever keeps you up at night until you do it — it will continue to haunt you,” said Pryce.

Pryce adds that she wants her book to reach the hands of people looking for than just motivation, and those are seeking to actually meet their goals and need a step-by-step tour on spearheading into it.

“I was once that person who needed a voice, or a push, and needed to hear someone say that to me,” she said. “I want to get this book into in someone else’s hands and touch their lives, because I want them to understand that the earth thrives because it’s ours and we have to do these things.”

Her book will be launched on July 24 and can be purchased on her website, and is available for pre-oder on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. A release party will be held this September in Brooklyn.

“Dreamers, Take Action” book launch at The Gentlemen’s Factory [495 Flatbush Ave. between Empire Boulevard and Lefferts Avenue in Prospect Heights. www.nikkiepryce.com]. Sept. 15. Free.

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The book will be released on July 24.
Keilan Scott

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