Gordon Berment

Gordon Berment.

Gordon Berment was born in Trinidad, one among seven. He describes himself as the son of Indo / Afro French Creole parents, “I grew up in the midst of varied races, culture and religions.”

After graduating high school he worked as a custom clerk and then in the insurance industry as an account executive.

He first moved to Canada where he attended college and also completed numerous professional development programs.

After 11 years in the insurance industry, Berment began working in the shipping business serving the Caribbean community in Canada, the Caribbean and the United States, gaining increasing levels of expertise in marketing, setting up and expanding operations.

From Canada, he moved to New York, then Florida.

In 2010, Gordon joined Econocaribe Shipping as director for development of business in the Caribbean community in the U.S. He works with many smaller shipping agents by providing them with a platform for growing their business while serving the community.

Berment’s greatest inspiration is his mother and her undying love, care and sacrificial commitment to family. “She gave of the little she had and that was plenty for me. We were poor but her shack and a morsel of food she gave was a refuge for many who stopped by with a need,” he said.

During his 23 years serving the Caribbean community, Berment has been involved in several activities giving back to the Caribbean community including, alumni associations, food for the poor, sporting and community events, education scholarships, churches and cultural events.

“We’ve provided free shipping for Haiti, Jamaica, and Guyana relief,” Berment says. “And, most recently, support has gone to Dominica relief with warehouse space, free loading and shipping.”

Beaming, he says, “For 13 years, we have supported The Trevor Wilkins Calypso Show, the greatest calypso show in the world. It’s to preserve the culture and art form.”

“I am most proud,” he says, while employed several years back at Laparkan as VP, “having set up the Una Clarke Caribbean American Scholarship Award for students of Caribbean heritage who excelled in their field of study and gave back to the community.”

“We are now expanding Econocaribe’s business opportunities by appointing agents countrywide where there is a Caribbean community including the Dominican Republic. We provide a platform for them to develop a shipping business to the Caribbean under the Econocaribe umbrella and empower them to earn at no franchise cost.”

Berment is married and has three college and high school age children.

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