The Apostolic Voices ministers in song at the Fenimore Street United Methodist Church in Brooklyn.
Photo by Nelson A. King

The three-member Apostolic Voices on Saturday rocked Fenimore Street United Methodist Church in Brooklyn with uplifting spiritual songs, as part of the church’s month-long, 134th anniversary celebrations.

The Apostolic Voices was originally a quartet — Franklin Chue, Richard Nurse, Lloyd Russell and Perrie Allen. But, after about two years, Perrie relocated, and the group became a trio.

In a three-hour gospel feast, the group, whose members are primarily Jamaicans, uplifted the church at the corner of Rogers Avenue and Fenimore Street.

In the first part of the gospel concert, the group thrilled congregants with “I am a Child of God,” “Jesus Loves Me,” “They That Wait Upon the Lord,” “Saved by Grace” and “Coming Up on the Rough Side.”

Abena Amory sings "Just Can't Give Up Now.”
Abena Amory sings “Just Can’t Give Up Now.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

The Apostolic Voices then returned for the final session in bringing the house down with “Loving God,” “Take Me Back,” “I’m Saved,” “Walk with Me,” and “Lord, Thank You for Another Day.”

Member Richard Nurse said his group, which has been ministering in many churches throughout the five boroughs of New York City, as well as in Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut,  said they “love Jesus, believe in God and really enjoy spreading the Word” with their music ministry.

“Ministering the Word through music is a privilege and a blessing we don’t take lightly,” he told Caribbean Life in a post-show interview. “God blesses us with the talent and ability to sing His words to His people and, hopefully, win souls for his Kingdom.”

The Sisters in Song render "Jesus is Real.”
The Sisters in Song render “Jesus is Real.” Photo by Nelson A. King

Other singers included: Brenda Byfield, Tacha Graham, Shari Boxhill, The Sisters in Song, Abena Amory, Glory Sound Ministries, the mother and daughter duo of Dianne Aaron and Christine Aaron, and Fenimore Street United Methodist Church’s Men Chorale.

Byfield offered “Speak Over Yourself,” Amory belched out “I Believe” and “Can’t Give Up Now,” Glory Sound Ministries, a group from Brooklyn’s Faith Seventh-Day Adventist Church sang a long medley, including “Born, Born, Born Again,” “I am Under the Rock,” “Jesus Name so Sweet,” “Fire Fall on Me,” “Holy Ghost Power” and “Christian Jubilee,” the Sisters in Song sang “Jesus is Real” and “Jesus Wept,” the Aarons rendered the operative “Flower Duet,” and Fenimore Men’s Chorale received much acclaim with “I’m Humbled,” written by the church’s organist and concert organizer Joseph Roberts.

Glory Sound Ministries sing a medley of religious songs.
Glory Sound Ministries sing a medley of religious songs.Photo by Nelson A. King

“I was pleased overall with the results of Saturday’s concert,” Roberts told Caribbean Life. “The power and quality of the vocalists were second to none.

“However, as much as I appreciate the musical excellence, there were two facets of the evening for which I remain incredibly grateful: Cultural diversity — in addition to the wide variety of gospel music presented that evening, there was also a duet from the opera Lakmé in the second half,” he added.

“The second half also featured a collection of Jamaican praise songs that delighted the congregation with melodies that some had not heard since their childhood.,” Roberts continued. “But, most of all, I appreciate the presence of God. Some things just can’t be experienced on Zoom. You just have to be in the room where it happens.”