Grenadian centenarian Judith Radix celebrates 103rd birthday

Grenadian centenarian Judith Radix celebrates 103rd birthday|Grenadian centenarian Judith Radix celebrates 103rd birthday|Grenadian centenarian Judith Radix celebrates 103rd birthday
Photo by Nelson A. King|Photo by Nelson A. King|Photo by Nelson A. King

Family, friends, supporters and well-wishers two Saturday’s ago celebrated with Grenadian centenarian Judith Radix her 103rd birthday.

Grenadian-born dentist Dr. Joseph Radix, Ms. Radix’s nephew, and his family hosted a grand birthday bash at Dr. Radix’s residence in East Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Some members of the judiciary and legal profession also attended the party for the “Birthday Girl” and to give clear support to Dr. Radix’s wife, Justice Sylvia Hinds-Radix, the Barbadian-born Associate Justice, NYS Appellate Division, Second Department.

Among them were Trinidadian-born Justices Sylvia Ash, of Vincentian and Grenadian parentage, and Wavney Toussaint.

Dr. Radix told Caribbean Life that he was “blessed” to have Ms. Radix as his aunt and her attainment of the significant milestone, stating that he loves her “dearly.”

“She is no nonsense, yet very compassionate,” he said. “She is a true matriarch of this family and one who leads by example.

“She will always offer her thoughts, ideas and even implement them before you accept them,” Dr. Radix added. “For me, she contributes many years of wisdom.”

He said his aunt, affectionately called “Auntie Judith”, comes from a relatively large family of eight children and is one of three sisters who are still alive.

Her sister, Alethea (deceased), was Dr. Radix’s mother. Laura Radix, who is also deceased, was the mother of Hazel Radix. Tina Radix, 96, still resides in Grenada.

Ms. Radix’s other sister, Violet, 94, was present at the birthday party, as well as their cousin, Victoria Clouden, 98, and Ms. Radix’s sister-in-law, Beryl Stanislaus, 94, widow of Dr. Lamuel Stanislaus, after whom Rutland Road, near Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, was recently co-named.

Ms. Radix said she felt “loved and wanted” by the birthday celebration.

Another nephew, dentist Dr. Eugene Stanislaus, son of the late Dr. Lamuel Stanislaus, a former Grenada Ambassador to the United Nations, remarked about “the close bond” between his dad and his aunt.

Lawyer Jovia Radix – daughter of Dr. Joseph Radix and Justice Hinds-Radix, an unsuccessful candidate for the Special Election in May for representation for the 45th Council District in Brooklyn – said her family was “blessed” that Auntie Judith is still in their lives and that they are still gaining “pearls of wisdom from her.”

Dr. Radix said his aunt is “still fully cognizant and has all of her faculties,” stating, however, that “she is aided by a walker.”

“She has a fantastic memory and can recite people’s phone numbers without any assistance,” he said.

“She is still very involved with her church in Carriacou (the larger of Grenada’s two sister isles; the other is Petit Martinique), and is always asking for contributions to help her church and her community,” he added.