Guyana Coalition launches re-election campaign

Guyana Coalition launches re-election campaign|Guyana Coalition launches re-election campaign|Guyana Coalition launches re-election campaign
Photo by Tangerine Clarke|Photo by Tangerine Clarke|Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Calling Guyana, a multi-religious, multi-ethnic, multi cultural, nation, David A. Granger, president of the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Alliance for Change, (AFC) Coalition, invited others to join him in a shared governance platform, to better develop the country, and its citizens during an epic address to launch 2020 campaign for March 2, regional and general elections.

“This is the first time in Guyana’s history, that we have a six-party coalition. We are putting an end to winner takes all politics, come and join us to work for the common goal. There is room for everyone in the “benab”, the coalition will make sure this country is developed, for all of us, the politician told more than 20,000 flag waving citizens in green and yellow attire, at Durban Park, Georgetown, on January 3, 2020.

Under the theme “Forward Ever, Backward Never — we are moving forward together,” the politician spoke passionately about his vision for a good life for all Guyanese with First Lady Sandra Granger, and cabinet ministers beside him, during the afternoon’s presentation, that included performances by the National School of Dance, Adrian Dutchen, and others.

“God gave us the most beautiful, bountiful country, and the most people in the Caribbean, and if that were not enough, he has given us the most oil,” said Granger. “We cannot fail if we keep the oil in the hands of the people. We can’t let the oil fall in the hands of the fakes and the frauds,” he added, taking a direct jab at the opposition and boasting that the APNU+AFC has genuine, honest people.

“We are building back the economy. We are protecting the environment. We are opening enterprises for young people,” he said while praising the Coalition for reshaping the Youth Corps, to give young people an opportunity to succeed,” he said to loud applause.

Looking beyond the next five years, the president has planned a decade of development that would see improved healthcare, education that is free, expansion and improvement of public infrastructure, energy supply extended to more rural areas, and solar energy to electrify every home.

“We need five more years to develop this country. I declared Dec. 20, 2019, National Petroleum Day, to let Guyanese know they will never be poor again. The oil wealth belongs to you, and this government will make sure it goes to the people who need it most, from Region 1 to 10, ordinary people,” said the politician who assured citizens that the Coalition government was here “to give you the benefits of this bountiful harvest, the petroleum, the mineral resources of this country.”

He is confident that citizens would see the benefits of oil reserves over the next 10 years, during the decade of development.

“We are your best guarantee to ensure that the oil money is well spent. Five years ago you put your faith in us, and we did not let you down. We are asking for five more years to complete what we have started,” said Granger.

“We will make sure that every child after leaving school can get a job, or become self-employed,” said the politician, who reminded the gathering, of his “B” initiative — Bus, Bicycle and Boat, that have helped parents across Guyana to save millions of dollars.

Additionally, the Coalition plans to reform the constitution, after a no-confidence vote was passed in Parliament that toppled the government. He called on citizens “to let social cohesion prevail,” and quipped that the traffic light has changed from red, to green and gold (colors of the Coalition), adding, “we are one people, don’t allow others to divide us,” while noting the many developmental changes the country has gone through in the past four years.

“Your country is in good hands with the APNU, AFC, trust me, trust the coalition,” he told the mammoth crowd, during an epic address that promised development across the length and breath of Guyana.

“There has been sustainable economic growth, since we got into government in 2015, sustainable education movement, salary increases, infrastructural development, with portable running water and electricity in many rural areas that were never improved over 20 years.”

“I have held regional elections twice in five years,” said Granger, adding, “you made the right decision, and I am asking you to make that same decision on March 2, for your children and grandchildren. I ask for your help, so all of those in doubt are assured that I will make that decision to move this country ahead.”