Guyana Cricket Board election questioned

Two former Guyana and West Indies cricketers, Clive Lloyd and Roger Harper, have blasted as “illegal” Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) elections, which were held recently.

Lloyd and Harper have also taken a swipe at the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) for sending two officials to witness the elections that adopted a new constitution and appointed Dr. Bahadur as the new president.

Lloyd, a former West Indies captain and Harper who once bowled off-spin for the regional side, have accused the GCB of violating orders of Guyana judges, who had banned the holding of any elections.

“There is an injunction in place so they (GCB) cannot operate. The judges made a ruling and you cannot flout the laws of the country,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd and Harper are contending that the elections could not be called legitimate because not all the representatives of the GCB voted, and as such there was no “quorum.”

The GCB constitution requires the presence of at least two of the three county boards and a total of 12 delegates to form a quorum to have elections.

GCB says the Demerara Cricket Board and the Essequibo Cricket Board were in attendance as well as a total of 18 delegates.

“It was illegal,” declared Harper, president of the Georgetown Cricket Association, one of the four constituents of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB).

“What happened is the true reflection of the people who are trying to grab power in Guyana,” he said.

WICB Director Conde Riley, who observed the elections, was quoted as saying he was satisfied with the process.