Guyana Fashion Showcase Int. set for Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta

Creation by American designer, Paulette Cleghorn. Paulette Cleghorn
Creation by American designer, Paulette Cleghorn.
Paulette Cleghorn

Founder and CEO Philibert Giddings and the committee of Guyana Fashion Showcase Int. (GFSI) is pleased to announce, that the runway show that wowed an audience in Brooklyn last year, will make its debut, at the elegant Holiday Events Center, located at 5370 Stone Mountain Highway, Atlanta GA, Suite 1000.

The Saturday, May 28 showcase is set for 8 pm.

The successful, and well-known entertainment promoter said he will present world-renown fashion designers Michelle Cole, Ricky Bailey, Paulette Cleghorn, Lisa Nicole, Karen Hughes, Raif, and Pamela Fox, among others.

Guyana Fashion Showcase Int. Atlanta, expected to kickstart a return to elegant entertainment since the COVID-19 pandemic, will feature a 60-ft runway, at the Holiday Events Center, in the heart of Atlanta with a seating capacity of over 300.

The planned exciting show, part of a host of other events, like Atlanta Carnival pop-up entertainment, will bring the best and brightest to the stage, including movie actress, and socialite, Sebreba Sumrah Kelly, who will serve as Emcee. Yana Lu will also host the event.

Creation by African-born designer, Raif.

Guyana Fashion Showcase Int. (GFSI), unveiled in 2019, at the luxurious, Princess Ramada International Hotel in Georgetown, Guyana, to a sold-out fashionably attired audience of over 400 patrons, is once again set to attract a huge crowd in the Peachtree State, where talented fabricators will showcase, eveningwear, swimwear, sportswear and cutting-edge creations.

Giddings said this event will provide designers, from Guyana, Jamaica, the United States, Toga, West Africa, and Jamaica, an opportunity to showcase their creativity to a wide and influential audience in the United States and internationally.

He said GFSI will feature world-renown and emerging fashion designers. Each designer will have their creations presented by a group of beautiful and diverse models, adding that the stage decor will coordinate with the welcoming theme of the evening.

Security protocols for the show must be strictly adhered to by everyone in the audience. An after party will be held at the same venue, immediately following the showcase.

Publicity will be managed by local TV, radio, radio channels, social media platforms and print media.

For more information, contact Philbert Giddings – 917-202-5377, Sybil Griffith-Chester 917-655-7884, and Kareen Lambert 718-578-0377.

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