Guyanese-American honored on Constitution Day

Guyanese-American honored on Constitution Day|Guyanese-American honored on Constitution Day
Photo byTangerine Clarke|Photo byTangerine Clarke

Guyanese-American, Andrea S. Ogle, Esq., was honored, on the 232 Anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution, during a Constitution & Cocktails event at King Manor, on Jamaica Avenue, opposite the courthouse, where she serves as Vice President of the Assigned Counsel Association of Queens Family Court & Board of Managers of the Queens Country Bar Association.

Ogle received a Plaque from the King Manor Association of Long Island, a City of New York Citation from Barry S. Grodenchik of the 23rdDistrict, and a Congressional Achievement Award, from Congressman Gregory M. Meeks, who was also honored at the prestigious event. His wife Simone Meeks accepted on his behalf.

Ogle, who was recognized, for her more than thirty-five years of public service, and her dedication to the Justice system, expressed sincere gratitude to all who nominated during her presentation, stating, that without the U.S. Constitution, there might not, be a Citizenship Day.

“As we embrace this recognition and tonight’s celebration of our Constitution, I urge you to continue to create and build up your own individual American dream and more important, help others in our community to achieve their dream,” said the attorney, who spoke of her parents who made many sacrifices, when they arrived in the United States from Guyana many years ago.

Ogle told guests on Sept. 17, Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, not to forget or take for granted that it is, “we the people, each of us who, are called upon, daily to defend the framers’ vision of a constitutional government Of the people, By the People, and For the People.”

A graduate of Queens College of the City University of New York and Seton Hall University School of Law, Ogle, who has competently and successfully managed her own law practice in Queens County for over twenty years, said.

“We should never lose sight, of or take for granted that America’s strength, is in the diversity, of its people. We are the fabric of our community, and we must use our time, talent and resources as a renewed incentive to intensify our commitment, and service to our people.”

A member of the Attorneys For Children and 18b Assigned Counsel Panels, Ogle, who has represented indigent adults and children in Family Court and Supreme Court proceedings since 1999, explained that the constitution is as viable today, as it was on the day which, it was signed, adding that it is the courts’ fair, impartial and independent judges that have kept the constitution alive.

When the Family Treatment Court was launched, in 2002 in Queens County Family Court — Ogle, who thanked family, friends, elected officials and district leaders, the Queens Bar Association, the Assigned Counsel Association of Queens Family, Court the South Asian, the Indo Caribbean Bar Association of Queens, and the Macon B. Allen Black Bar Association — represented Respondent adults in this program for twelve years.

Her legal experience extends beyond Family Court and Supreme Court Family Law practice. She is trained, in Mediation and Conflict Resolution approved under Part 146 by the New York State Unified Court System’s Office of ADR Programs.

The legal eagle, has also served as a Revocation Hearing Officer for the Office for Children and Family Services and a Small Claims Arbitrator in Civil Court.

A dedicated and committed servant of the people Ogle, who aspires to judgeship, has organized community events, in conjunction with various legislators, including members of the NYC Council, NYS Senate, NYS Assembly, US Congress, and the Sullivan County Human Rights Commission.

Ogle, who has been a guest speaker at the local Precinct Community Council, local schools, places of worship, and various community organizations on a variety of topics, including implicit bias, gender bias, domestic violence, women’s rights, estates, Family Law, Criminal Law, the new “Raise the Age” legislation, and diverse cultural and legal issues, reminded the audience, that responsibility is “ours and it is up to us to make sure that for as long as our Country lives, there will be a Constitution Day to celebrate on Sept. 17.”

Wishing everyone, Happy United States Constitution Day! Ogle, is passionate about a collective responsibility to secure the well-beingof youth. She has prepared various programs, together, with the NYC Department of Probation, Queens Engagement Strategy for Teens, the Interfaith Council for Community Development, and the NYC Department of Continuing Education to educate the youth in the community and those who are now before the Court.

She has co-written in publications, about issues related to the 13th Amendment, bail and the 18b Assigned Counsel representation of the indigent, and has organized Continuing Legal Education Seminars which, were sponsored by the Assigned Counsel Association Queens Family Court (ACAQFC) on various topics, including the new “Raise the Age” legislation, and attended the NYC Council hearing regarding New York City’s Preparedness for the “Raise the Age” implementation.

This outstanding public servant, was presented with Citation of Honor by the President of the Borough of Queens, the Hon. Melinda Katz, at the Third Annual Guyana Independence Day celebration, and with a letter from Council Member I. Daneek Miller, 27thCouncil District, in recognition of her dedication and commitment to the community.

Brooklyn Borough President, Eric L. Adams, with Andrea Ogle, Esq., and Judge Karen Gopee at the Constitution & Cocktails event on Constitution Day, Sept. 17, at King Manor in Jamaica, Queens.
Photo byTangerine Clarke