Guyanese-American to lead C&O Haynes School of Excellence

Dr. Esther Haynes-Tross in her office at the Toucan Mall, Amelia’s Ward, LInden, Region 10 Guyana.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Dr. Esther Haynes-Tross is living the strict motto of her deceased parents, to work hard to achieve your goals and help others along the way to achieve theirs. The Brooklyn-based Guyanese-American, and dean of students of the Cecil and Olga Haynes School of Excellence, is in the process of re-migrating to the mining town of Linden, where she was born.

Dr. Joseph Haynes, a certified clinical nutritionist and proprietor of the Health and Wellness Clinics in Georgetown and Linden, entrusted his sister to carry on the family’s legacy of educating future generations through the institution he created.

The daughter of the soil, who was born in Ituni, and grew up in Mackenzie, Linden is the sixth of 13 children, (three are deceased) who carved out a successful path for themselves, after playing pivotal roles in their parent’s business in the Mackenzie market, where they fetched heavy loads of haberdashery on their heads daily to help their mother’s vending.

“We carried boxes of merchandise back and forth by hand and sometimes on our heads,” she reflected, during a Caribbean Life interview in her office in the Tucan Business Mall, owned by Dr. Joseph Haynes. She is part of the management team of the shopping center, which houses www.104.3 radio, where she hosts, “Sunday Morning Jazz,” and co-hosts the Pepperpot Show.

“Everything you do honestly for growth and development is not embarrassing. We grew up in a business environment, as well as a spiritual environment where we gathered for morning devotion. Our parents would read the scriptures and then ask us to exhaust it. We read from the book of Proverbs,” she remembers, adding that their parents also instilled leadership qualities in their children.

“We got our strength from our parents,” said the Lindener, who migrated to the United States in 1974, and continued her quest for academic excellence. She and her U.S. soldier husband later settled in Brooklyn, before she went on to earn an Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies from New York City Technology Institute.

The phenomenal lady later, graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism from Edison State College, and a Masters of Arts Degree in Communication Arts (with distinction) from New York Institute of Technology. Her Doctorate in Educational Leadership, specializing in Adolescent Leadership was attained at John Fisher College.

Her nurtured upbringing, and inspiring educational journey were no doubt, stepping-stones for the disciplined small town girl, whose expertise in City Government, and her commitments to community service, and dedication to education, garnered her many service awards, academic and scholarship awards.

She won the Dean’s List Award, according to Haynes-Tross whose inspiration, energy and enthusiasm to strive for excellence, allowed her to serve humanity, and lead her to form the “Future Achievers,” a teenage group.

Workshops in college readiness, career planning, self-esteem, talent recognition, skills development and leadership training as tools to assist the teens in reaching goals, were instilled in her students, said the certified instructor.

Coupled with her city government contributions while living in the United States, Haynes-Tross also worked with St. Joseph Children’s Services, a foster care agency, and other organizations sharing her skills and knowledge.

With a charming voice and likable personality, Haynes-Tross, attracted a large listening audience to her TV show, “Cooking and more with Esther,” which highlighted cultural cuisine, how-to-skills, fashion and appreciations for nature and Caribbean and South American profile. The highlight was on immigrants and their contributions in American, and aired on BCAT Television, Brooklyn

Describing herself as a remarkable, respected and lovable person, and known by many to be always available to help, especially youth and senior citizens with whom she believes need continued motivation, support, encouragement and love, this busy lady no doubt is the spitting image of her hardworking Barbadian-born father and Guyanese mother.

“Be focused on what you want to achieve, and make sacrifices. Living a life of purpose, passion and self esteem can take you beyond your wildest imagination,” said the lady of substance, who lives by her advice.

She said her soaring energy allowed her to fulfill her hectic schedule and positive involvement in the Linden community.

Haynes-Tross would also like to inspire other Guyanese in the Diaspora to return to their homeland to share their skills, and talents to improve the lives of others.