Guyanese author to host Women Across Borders virtual event

Guyanese author, entrepreneur, Sonia Noel.
Guyanese author, entrepreneur, Sonia Noel.

Guyanese author, entrepreneur, Sonia Noel, will host Women Across Borders – continuing the mission – during a July 7 -10 virtual event to present three anthologies featuring captivating and empowering stories of Caribbean women from various backgrounds and ethnicities.

The event will be hosted via Zoom from 7:30 to 9:00 pm and streamed via Facebook and NCN Radio, Guyana, NIO FM Suriname, Caribbean Power Jam in New York and CBN Radio  (90.9FM) in the British Virgin Islands which covers BVI and USVI.

According to Noel, the collection: sub-titled “Fulfilling Purpose” “With a Mission,” and Rising From the Ashes” were co-authored by phenomenal women who share a common fiber, and heart for humanity.

The words, from the women who hail from Guyana, Trinidad, St. Lucia, Antigua, Suriname, French Guiana, Venezuela, Africa and USA, Noel said, resonated with her.

“This project represents a core value — the motivation to continue writing positively to impact the lives of other women,” said Noel.

Co-authors, Dr. Jackie Evan Philips Alize’ Utteryn, Jacque Phillips, Dr. Desiree De Florimonte, Tavie Hunte, Roshini Boodhoo Persaud, Dr. Latoya Gooding, Bethany Love, Christine Neblett, Linda Felix Johnson, Chan Tale Flood, Isabellee, Essenese Sambury, Ediclia Basdardo, Dr. Dr. Hilda Bournes, Jaymie Bowles, Shanon Paar, Slyvia Diane Ward, Lynette Laveau Saxe, Walerine Mc Leod, Dr. Colleen Bovell Renneann Hodge, Phillipa Morrish and Nateica Garraway, will be on the virtual panel discussion.

“I would encourage everyone to write her story. It is one of the most cathartic and most intentional ways to grow. Writing my story gave me the opportunity to make that journey from the head to the heart and powerfully connect to my authentic self.”

“By writing our own story, we find ourselves in the midst of a new story, one in which we have the freedom to unlock our innermost potential,” said Noel.

“Finding similarities with other persons helps us to live happy and healthy lives. Your life may feel ordinary to you, but it might seem extraordinary to someone else. Every story shared is a chance to make someone feel less alone,” admits Trinidadian Dr. Safeeya Mohammed, co-author of ​”Rising from the ​ ​Ashes.”

Caribbean Fashion evangelist Richard Young was the creative director and editor for this project.

These books are available on Amazon in English, Spanish and French, in E-book and hard copy.

Registration for the Zoon conference is free:

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