Erica Sember debuts ‘Trust Me’

Screen grab of Erica Sember.
Screen grab of Erica Sember.

Erica Sember has potential. The singer, songwriter, has made her move to capture the hearts of R&B fans with her debut single, “Trust Me.” The official video is trending on YouTube with more than 1600 views.

The chanteuse showcases a sexy mature vocal sound while singing; You’re the one I am missing, there’s no other one, I can’t stop loving you, and I know you feel the same way. All you gotta do is just trust me, love me.”

Guyanese-born Sember, who migrated to the United Kingdom at the tender age of five, the daughter of proud parents, Ingrid and Neville Bissember, recalls growing up very shy. But by all indications, she has overcome her coyness, and is embracing her newfound fame, as “Trust Me” heats up media platforms.

In a recent virtual interview with 94.1 Boom FM Guyana, the London-based songstress said as far back as she could remember, she would stand in front of the television set and imitate singers, wishing one day she could maybe, do what they did.

Fortunately, Sember’s mother saw potential in the melody maker and signed her up for piano lessons, a move that helped her singing gifts to flourish.

The sultry singer is determined more that ever to make music her career goal, after breaking out of her shell, thanking her piano teacher for the stamp of approval.

“I battled with myself, as to whether I should go ahead and take this seriously,” the vocalist questioned herself, adding “that the last year, we all had the time during the pandemic to be in our own space, and our own heads, and I thought of what I wanted for myself, and I can’t see myself doing anything else.”

She has much more to offer from her songbook, developed over several years. And with her good looks, and singing chops, the songstress is well, on her way to securing a music contract, and will be on the Grammy stage, before we know it.

Sember shared that she initially had a completely different idea for a song she had rewritten, but went ahead and recorded “Trust Me,” which was composed in 45 minutes.

“I hope you’re all enjoying ‘Trust Me’ just as much as I have been, said the optimist, via the interview platform.

She tries as much as possible to visit her dad, and other family members, living in Guyana, but is being hindered by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Good luck! Erica.

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