Guyanese-born clinical psychotherapist writes – ‘The Mental Health Pandemic’

Guyanese-born Shane Tull.
Guyanese-born Shane Tull.

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, Guyanese-born Shane Tull, a clinical psychotherapist decided to explore the premise that Mental Health has become the pandemic within the pandemic and encourages persons to explore the impact of mental health in “our lives,” by reading his book, “The Mental Health Pandemic.”

In a synopsis to promote the “The Mental Health Pandemic” being sold on, Tull, a Brooklyn-based professional said, “We are asked to observe mental health not as an abstract concept rather as an exercise of support and trust.”

The author supports the reader as they explore the challenges of mental health in a global pandemic.

Encouraging people to be gentle with themselves, the author noted, “As we live through this pandemic, there are so many people suffering in silence because they are afraid to seek professional help. Some are embarrassed and trying to avoid judgement and as a result, unfortunately we are seeing more people suffering with depression, anxiety, drugs, alcoholism and an increase in suicide.”

In a review shared by “Tull, an international mental health consultant with over two decades of clinical experience, the author supports the reader as they explore the challenges of mental health in a global pandemic.

The step-by-step book explains to readers, what is mental health, and shares insights and resources to identify what mental health looks like in oneself and those around them.

He also shows readers how psychotherapy can be a beneficial tool that can be used to equip persons collectively on how to work towards improving the mental health of one’s own and those who care about them.

According to the review, the reoccurring theme in Tull’s work is “Mental Health is Health” and that “COVID-19 demands renewed attention to the issue of mental health as it relates to capacity building and the delivery of culture competencies services as it relates to marginalized communities.”

Using his clinical expertise and drawing from his work in different countries, Tull offers the reader a multicultural approach to mental health, while paying keen attention to men and mental health.

He posits, providing a safe and supportive space for men, they will show up, share, and support each other in their collective healing process. The “Mental Health Pandemic” is a book of the moment, filled with warmth, hope, and a collective sense of healing, according to a review.

“I am happy to announce the debut of my first book. I would be grateful for your support in this endeavor. This was indeed a labor of love. I am grateful to my friends and family for their love and support. I am so blessed,” said the author on a Facebook post.

“Mental Health Pandemic” is available on Amazon.

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