Guyanese dignitaries march in Independence Day Parade in Brooklyn

Guyanese dignitaries march in Independence Day Parade in Brooklyn

Mayor of Georgetown Patricia Chase-Green, told Caribbean Life on Sunday June 3, that she was proud to be a part of the 52nd Independence Anniversary parade in Brooklyn, and happy to see Guyanese responded to the call to represent their country, adding, ‘we need to always unite for our country,” said the politician who joined the parade with other elected officials, at the corner of Brooklyn and Church Avenues.

“Chase-Green who was recently elected to a second term, called on Guyanese to unite. “ Let us unity, let us join hearts and hands in building our nation. Guyana needs every Guyanese, and we need to work together to build Guyana,” she said, at the march, organized by the Guyana Independence Committee, chaired by Mr. Rickford Burke.

“We have challenges in our country but we will overcome those challenges with the help of our leader, David Arthur Granger, she said, noting that many changes have taken place in the past few years in Guyana, and nationals looks forward to living as one people, one nation with one destiny.

Mayor Chase-Green, who was dressed in a green over coat with the motif “Beautiful Guyana” and flora, said Guyanese will come together once more, and that will be a joy to see them living in love and harmony, and praised the Ministry of Cohesion that is working to foster cohesion, an initiative that will bring all Guyanese together.

Guyana’s Attorney General, Basil Williams, who is also in the U.S. for Independence festivities, said the group is here to show solidarity with Guyanese people in the diaspora, particularly in New York, and stated that, Independence celebration is not only being held in Guyana, but in various high commissions and embassies across the world.

“It is good to be in New York. “We are celebrating 52nd Anniversary of Independence with great optimism, and we are at the cusp of transformation so it is a good time to celebrate, said Williams, who called on Guyanese to put themselves in a position to take advantage of what will transform Guyana -“our gas and oil industry, and our green state economy,” he added.

“It is indeed an honor to celebrate our 52nd Independence Anniversary, to showcase Guyana to the world, and who we are as a people, and nation.”

“What you see here today is a representation of what we are. “It is also an opportunity to bring the different Guyanese people together, under our celebration theme: Six Peoples Living Together and working in unity, that was demonstrated during our Independence festivities,” said Consul General Barbara Atherly.

The delegation from Guyana, that also included Gifford Marshall, Bartica’s first Mayor, a 35-year old politician, who plans to make the town of Bartica the tourism capital of Guyana, was joined by Mr. James Richmond, and People’s National Congress Secretary, Joycelyn Wilson-Thomas, along with Guyanese nationals, who braved the cool temperature, during the hours-long march, led by members of the Guyana Defence Force from Georgetown.

The celebration parade that honored Guyanese heritage with the waving of flags, culminated with a cultural presentation at the Brooklyn museum grounds on Eastern Parkway.

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