Kite flying will be overwhelming says Guyanese kite maker

Trevor Smith, a kite maker of over 30 years against his star-point and patriotic kites at the corner of Camp and Regent streets, Georgetown, Guyana.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Georgetown kite maker, Trevor Smith, says Guyanese are eager and excited about returning to normalcy, getting their outfits ready for boat cruises, and sharpening their moves for upcoming entertainment, to celebrate the Easter season, adding, that the energy level is high.

But more importantly, Smith’s star-point, and patriotic kits, like the Golden Arrowhead flag design, are going like hot cakes, as celebrants get ready to hoist their flying toy into airspaces over the Republic.

This reporter caught up with the expert kite maker at his usual spot, Regent and Camp streets in the heart of the city, where his colorful, skillful designs are lined-up against a wall, at the intersection, a location, where fans over the years have frequented to purchase kites, making the artist the most sought-after kite seller in Georgetown.

His singing engine, star-point, and a host of other creations will bring joy to many, over the Easter Monday holiday weekend, as Guyana joins countries across the world, and especially the New York, diaspora, which is quickly returning to the new normal.

“I am always lucky to have a divine Guyanese public that supports my business, and throughout the years, my talent for kite making has developed me to a high level,” said the artisan, noting, that, on many occasions, because of articles published by this reporter in Caribbean Life, he has received support, from both locals, and overseas Guyanese who find their way to him because of detailed information shared.

“Both men and woman from overseas, came to me and say, I read an article in Caribbean Life, that told me where I can come to get one of your kites. They also asked to be photographed with me,” said Smith gleefully, adding, that despite having been out of business due to COVID, he continues to sell his kites at a moderate price.

“I will continue to sell my kites at a moderate level, so kite lovers have an opportunity to choose their favorite design,” he said, as he continues to share his skill with the next generation of kite makers.

“Kite flying will be overwhelming this season and Tangerine, you always brings me good luck,” he said with a big smile, standing in the sweltering heat, as he awaits repeat customer.

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