Guyanese family’s 89th St. Brooklyn home gutted by fire, seeking help

Guyanese musician, David McRae, and family members are recuperating from injuries sustained during a devastating fire that gutted their 716 89th St., recently.

Orisa Cameron, another family member, in a Facebook post, expressed sadness, stating: “Still thinking this is a dream or more like a nightmare. My family has lost everything in a devastating fire. Please keep them in your prayers. The Give Where You Live Project will be collecting necessities.”

“At this time, you are welcome to donate to the family’s donation page. Thank you in advance,” she said and posted a page.

Rissa D. Rudder posted, “Yesterday, everything turned upside down for my family. They lost their home in a fire and some almost lost their life, but God. Giving thanks for his mercy and blessings. Please keep them lifted in prayer and donate anything you can. Thank you in advance for the love and support

According to News 12 Brooklyn, multiple people were hospitalized, including a two-month-old, after the fire started under the stairs in the cellar and rapidly spread to the first and second floors before becoming a 2-alarm blaze.

The report added that family members inside the home say they heard people shouting fire! as they jumped out the back window to escape the smoke and flames.

While some family members were able to escape, a mother and her two-month-old, one-year-old and five-year-old children were trapped inside, according to News 12 Brooklyn.

Firefighters were able to rescue the group from the building. But authorities say the two-month-old, as well as other family members, including McRae, totaling seven, were taken to the hospital. No one died in the blaze, said the report.

Lavern Cumberbatch, director, and cosmetologist of Carib Funeral Home on Utica Avenue, told Caribbean Life, that the organization is praying for McRae, a talented and dedicated musician, and his family, and will donate to the fund to help the family return to normalcy.

She said McRae is a mainstay musician at homegoing services at the Carib Funeral Home, adding that he is an asset to the Guyanese community, and many times when people come to book the funeral home and are in her office, they will hear David singing and would book him right away.

She said McRae, who also performs at weddings and Kwe Kwe ceremonies, is the son of church leader, Bishop Taylor fondly called Mother Pam, who was also injured in the fire.

“Thank God no one was killed. Praise God because his mother’s house is a house that always has lots of people. If somebody didn’t have any place to stay, she would take them in. I was welcomed by Bishop Taylor,” said Cumberbatch, who is calling on the community to help the Taylor family return to a normal life.

Cumberbatch added that it is especially difficult for the family members at this holiday season, and hopes they get the help they need.

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