Guyanese promotes World Ventures Travel Club

Guyanese promotes World Ventures Travel Club
World Ventures Representative, Sebrena Sumrah-Kelly, second from right, join members of the audience to showcase the sign used by World Ventures – You Should Be Here.”
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Global Connector, and talk show host, Sebrena Sumrah-Kelly captivated an audience at the United Baptist Church on Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn, recently, during her dynamic presentation to open new vistas in travel for many whom she said do not own a passport, and do not leave the confines of their homes.

With promises from World Ventures Travel Club, to create more fun, freedom, and fulfillment in people’s lives through the merging of great life experiences, in addition to personal development, Sumrah-Kelly, a Georgia-based personal representative, told the small gathering that she could impact their lives with creative ways to see the world.

Sumrah-Kelly who carries around a sign that reads “You Should Be Here” explained the workings of the travel club, and stated that dream trips allow vacationers to experience Caribbean cruises, resorts and theme parks through a bulk rate system that make vacations seamless.

A video presentation showcased exciting scenery from destinations like Dubai, Mexico, Nuevo Vallarta, and many others, to where the travel representative invited her audience to take advantage of.

Celebrating its 10th year as an award-winning travel club, World Ventures is known as one of the most highly acclaimed travel organizations with Independent representatives in 28 countries, around the world.

According the Sumrah-Kelly, travellers have over 11,000 trips to choose from. The dream trips include destinations that come with a trip adviser, who ensures vacationers receive airport transportation, passes, meals, entertainment, excursions and other benefits that would allow customers to immerse themselves in the culture wherever trips take them.

Sumrah-Kelly, whose global connector theme is “Promoting, Empowering, Inspiring, Connecting,” noted that a traveler becomes an interdependent representative, while enjoying the pleasures of the travel club. A rewards program also allows vacationers the opportunity to earn free trips though points earned through a shopping mall.

According to the World Ventures website, the organization provides the opportunity to combine work and play in a whole new way.

“Our independent representatives can earn income. Most importantly, the company has lived up to its promise to be a good corporate citizen by pioneering the field of volume tourism: vacations with a social purpose and funding philanthropic efforts through the World Ventures Foundation.”

For booking inquires, to hear more about World Ventures, send email to SebrenaKel[email protected] or connect @SebrenaSpeaks on twitter, or Sebrena Sumrah Kelly on Facebook. She could also be reached at 404-981-7087.

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