Guyanese urge to vote APNU+AFC for second term

Guyanese urge to vote APNU+AFC for second term|Guyanese urge to vote APNU+AFC for second term|Guyanese urge to vote APNU+AFC for second term
Regional Executive Officer of Region 3, Jennifer Ferreira-Dougall, Director General, Office of the President, Joseph Harmon, Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, and Director General, Civil Aviation Authority, Egbert Fields, waving APNU+AFC flags at a massive town hall meeting at Woodbine Ballroom in Brooklyn.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Chants of Forward Ever, Backward Never, let progress continue, were heard from an overflowing of Guyanese at Woodbine Ballroom, on Sunday, Jan. 26, as Director General, Office of the President, Joseph Harmon, egged on supporters, with “Moving forward together, Don’t stop the progress, vote for the APNU+AFC,”,during a massive town hall meeting and fundraiser that raised almost USD$10,000.

Elected officials REO of Region 3, Jennifer Ferreira-Dougall, Director General, Civil Aviation Authority, Egbert Fields, Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, Lands and Surveys Commissione,r Trevor Benn, who traveled from Guyana, sounded the urgent call to action, in speeches.

They all reiterated that President David Granger, transformed Guyana, and he has a vision for the next five years, and the decade of development, 2020 – 2029, to improved the lives of all, Guyanese.

“We will move the country forward together, we are about togetherness, reflected in the ethnicity, and geographic makeup of Guyana, every region, will be represented in the National Assembly, assured Min. Harmon, noting that the party’s 81 candidates includes, 34 youths, and 60% women.

The Coalition has spent 221 billion towards nursery to university, education, as well as technical, and vocational, learning, and an allotment, of 52.2B is air-marked for the decade of development initiative, said Min. Harmon.

Calling President Granger a strategist, Harmon said Guyana’s improvement is a manifestation of careful planning and great execution, recalling five years ago, when he stood in Woodbine with then candidate David A. Granger, and PM Nagamootoo, and declared there would be victory.

“Here I am with another David (Patterson) and I am saying we will win,” promised Harmon, to thunderous applause by compatriots who danced and waved green and gold party flags, to Farmer Nappy’s “Garbage Bag” song, (words praising the Coalition) that is the party song.

“Guyanese are energized as seen at rallies thus far across many regions,” said Harmon, who has called on social media influencers to use platforms to encourage family members and friends to go to the polls.

Min. Patterson warned supporters not to be complacent, and predicts the government would win 40 seats in Parliament in the March 2, elections, while calling on social media users to photograph their inked finger after voting, and share with friends and family.

“We are here to have a conversation, about the last four and a half years, and what we intend to do, with your support, over the next five years when we start our second term,” Patterson told expatriates, whose loud screams of “forward ever, backward never,” reassured the politician of their commitment.

He expressed gratitude for the support the diaspora has provided over the years towards developing Guyana, and a better life for all Guyanese and their families that he said continues.

He assured that the government intends to place more emphasis on integrating diasporans in the social, political and economic goals of the country, from March 3, 2020.

Director General, Office of the President, Joseph Harmon, speaking to a packed town hall meeting at Woodbine Ballroom in Brooklyn.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

“Guyana is entering a new realm. It can only become the great country and achieve full potential, under a David A. Granger-led government,” said Patterson, who unveiled a gigantic plan to strengthen Guyana’s crumbling infrastructure, rebuilding bridges, waterways and roadways.

Public transportation, with the return of mega buses to benefit students and the elderly, is also in the plan.

Regional Executive Officer, Jennifer Ferriera-Dougall, praised the government for raising the educational level in the region, noting students have excelled, in English and mathematics.

Billions of dollars helped to modernize hospitals conveniently located to serve more that one region, whereby improving the lives of Guyanese, said the REO.

Director of Aviation, Egbert Fields, who will finalize an agreement with JetBlue Airlines in Georgetown this week, said Guyana has gone global, and asked Guyanese to return home to share their skills and expertise.

He said Guyana’s standing in the aviation sector was raised due to the David A. Granger government, noting that American Airlines had introduced daily flights from both Miami and New York to Georgetown.

“Airlines want to come to a country with high standards, not chaos. JetBlue will start its Georgetown route on April 2, and many more airlines are knocking, but we are selective,” said Fields, recalling carriers which stranded passengers after high cost, peak travel ended, quoting Min. Patterson, “we don’t want fly-by-night carriers that will steal our people’s money.”

Lands and Surveys Commissioner, Trevor Benn, calmed citizens by saying they would be able to click on a website from the comfort, of their homes to buy land when the system, is digitized. And reassured, that all of their property concerns would be addressed.

PNCR NAR Representative, Errol Lewis, encouraged registrants who plan to be in Guyana on Feb. 1, to be vigilant and to keep their eyes on ballot boxes at polling stations, with a chant, “we must win this election.”

Joey Jagan, son of late People’s Progressive Party President, Cheddi Jagan, lambasted former PPP President, Bharrat Jagdeo, and Presidential candidate Irfaan Ali, calling them thieves and liars, while praising Coalition members as better leaders.

“Call your friends and family and tell them to vote for Mr. Granger, he is the right person for the right time referencing Guyana’s oil wealth he said the PPP should not manage. They had their chance, and they failed us. Vote for Mr. Granger,” said, Jagan.

Consul General, Barbara Atherly thanked Guyanese for their support at the town hall entertained by DeeJay Cindi Lue, Menes de Groit Shanto Rhythms, and Adrian Dutchin, who revved up the crowd with “I am a Guyanese.”

Compatriots overflowed Woodbine Ballroom in Brooklyn to support elected officials from Guyana who called for re-election of APNU+AFC Coalition government.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

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