Guyanese urged to build image in Barbados

Guyanese urged to build image in Barbados|Guyanese urged to build image in Barbados|Guyanese urged to build image in Barbados
Guyana Consul General Cita Pilgrim.
Photo by George Alleyne

It is possible to enhance the image of your country by contributing to the development of another, was the message delivered to Guyanese in Barbados as they observed their country’s 52nd independence anniversary.

Dozens of Guyanese resident in the island came together Sunday in the Cathedral of St. Michael and All Angels in Bridgetown and heard a rallying call for them to answer to their home country’s needs while upholding its image abroad.

Guyana’s independence day is May 26.

The country’s Consul General in Barbados, Cita Pilgrim, told her nationals who made up most of that Sunday morning congregation that among the best ways of enhancing their homeland’s image is by contributing to the development of Barbados, their home away from home.

“It is expected that Guyanese in Barbados will continue to contribute with distinction to the Barbados society. This is how you honor your country,” she said at the service.

Like Barbados, Guyana attained its political independence in 1966, with that the island’s moment of celebration coming on Nov. 30.

Pilgrim said that having people of Guyana working for developments in Barbados does not mean neglect of the land of their birth because by such effort they are exhibiting the Guyanese production ethic.

“Guyana looks to its citizens at home and abroad to show their commitment to country, support for projects and provision of expertise are ways to contribute to your homeland.

“But an even bigger responsibility for Guyanese living abroad is to uphold and enhance the image of Guyana in every way that you possibly can.”

Pilgrim spoke of her country’s ‘huge strides’ in education, health, infrastructure, and advances in women, children, and workers’ rights and human rights in general, and said that at 52 Guyana is still a young state with a far way to go.

She noted that the country is on the verge of a windfall from oil production and observed an International Monetary Fund’s estimation that the country will be earning hundreds of millions in US dollars by 2020 if drilling proceeds on schedule to the tune of 500 barrels per day.

But she warned, “these vast earnings can, in themselves, provide serious problems for Guyana if not properly managed. But Guyana is receiving the best possible advice and everything is being put in place.”

The top Guyanese official in Barbados said, “the occasion of independence always presents an opportunity for us to celebrate the very essence of Guyana, our diversity as a nation.”

“We’re a multi-cultural, multi-religious, and multi ethnic society. This has defined us as a people and as a nation for more than half a century.

“This diversity has created a society that is tolerant and respectful of each other, and we must all continue to be vigilant and protect our independent rights so that we may proudly identify with our national motto: ‘One people, One Nation, One destiny.’”

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