Haitian Wanly Florexile premieres ‘Infinity’

Behind the scenes, lead actor Wavon Waters, director Wanly Florexile, Bruce “Cameraman” Laguerre, and Rodney Yates.
Flo X Films

Brooklyn-based independent filmmaker Wanly Florexile has been working on “Infinity,” planning for a premiere at month’s end.

According to Sarah A. Freiseis, special project manager with the Brooklyn-based entertainment company PlaybookMG, “the Haitian talent has weathered the storm of the pandemic and is delighted to screen a film in the theater after experiencing an extended period of at-home movies at the helm.”

Freiseis said Florexile wrote, directed and produced “Infinity,” stating that it is based on a true story.

“The lead character is a young homeless man who is left feeling alone in the world after witnessing the murder of his parents,” she said, adding that the plot features a complex web of themes, including friendship and betrayal, set in New York City.

Freiseis said actors Wavon Waters and Hector Mckoy star in the movie, with entertainer Johnny Famous also playing a part.

Behind the scenes, lead actor Wavon Waters, director Wanly Florexile and Bruce “Cameraman” Laguerre. Flo X Films

“As an independent movie maker, Wanly Florexile has an enormous amount of freedom with his artistry,” said Freiseis, adding that the latter was announced online.

“Get ready to be surprised!” said Florexile, who launched his own company, Flo X Films, as part of fully embracing all aspects of bringing a film to life.

Flo X Films has also released a web app so viewers can stream Florexile’s body of work directly without third-party interference.

“The upcoming movie premiere event is for engaging with the community as much as it is an opportunity to offer a sense of exclusivity that comes with a debut,” Freiseis said.

“Media outlets, industry people, and VIPs walking the red carpet are, of course, expected,” she added. “However, the affair is also open to ticket holders who have paid for access to view the movie.

“Wanly Florexile has found support in the local area, not surprisingly, particularly with Caribbean people, thanks to his heritage,” Freiseis continued.

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