Heimlich Maneuver A Senate Life Saver

A frightening moment in the New York State Senate that could have taken the life of a Brooklyn representative was averted by the heroic actions of a State Assemblyman and a Senate staffer.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver explained the incident and the consequences in a news release Wednesday after the incident and acknowledged the heroic actions of Assemblyman Sean Ryan and Assembly Staff Member Bakary Janneh, as follows:

“As many of you know, an emergency transpired on the floor of this House last week,” he said, adding: “One of our colleagues, Assembly Member Annette Robinson, was choking and unable to breathe. A number of you immediately came to her aid, most notably Assembly Member Sean Ryan, who made several valiant attempts to dislodge the obstruction.

“Sean, we thank you for your heroic efforts.

“Recognizing that Mrs. Robinson’s situation was worsening, a young man who was sitting in this Chamber at the time, Bakary Janneh, who is both a member of our Program and Counsel staff as well as a volunteer EMT with the local Mohawk Ambulance Corps came to the rescue, lifted Ms. Robinson from the floor, performed the Heimlich Maneuver with precise, technical perfection and saved her.”

“Assembly Member Robinson, on behalf of the House, let me say how wonderful it is to know that you are well and back in action. As you know better than anyone, it was a frightening moment and we are greatly relieved to see that you are okay.”

The speaker asked Mr. Janneh, if he would stand and be recognized by the House, and continued:.

“Bakary, first and foremost, let me say ‘thank you.’ Your calm, swift action prevented an accident from becoming a tragedy. We are fortunate indeed to have someone with your life saving training serving in the Assembly.

“In considering your actions last week and in reviewing your resume, you are clearly demonstrating both exceptional leadership qualities and a strong, selfless commitment to serving the greater good.

“Bakary, we salute your heroic actions and we are proud that you are a member of our Program and Counsel staff.

“My colleagues, let us join in giving Bakary Janneh a much deserved round of applause.”

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