High school senior does good by serving others

Lucas G. del Rosario, a high school senior at The IDEAL School in Manhattan. He is wearing his Boy Scouts uniform.
Photo by Milette Millington

Lucas G. del Rosario, a high school senior at The IDEAL School in Manhattan, is of Filipino, Spanish and Italian descent. He  is also neurodivergent.

He has lived in the Upper East Side for 16 years with his parents and his brother. “There are many great people and parks in the neighborhood. There is also a Filipino restaurant I love, and it’s also peaceful at night,” del Rosario said. He also loves Asian food, and when he feels like eating this cuisine, he goes to Flushing, Queens.

He has been part of the Boys Scouts of America (BSA),  now open to girls, for five years. He credits the BSA as his greatest influence in his life and is in the process of becoming an Eagle Scout, which he stated as a very rare thing.

“As a member, I have done lots of community service and I’ve been part of summer camps. Skills that I’ve learned include leadership and civil service,” said del Rosario.

Another good thing he did was his Filipino American History project , which was a fundraiser for his church, where he serves as a lector and altar server. It involved a presentation and a dance that was a tribute to part of his heritage.

As a member of his BSA troop, things he is currently doing include “outdoor events, planting trees in Harlem, composting, and cleaning up park trails.”  He plans to continue serving, as well as mentoring.

“Theater is my favorite subject in school, and it makes my heart happy,” he added. He has been studying it at the school for two years.

He played the lead role in the school adaptation of “Matilda” the musical, as well as a character in a Greek mythology play. In addition, he played Troy in the school adaptation of “High School Musical.”

According to del Rosario, college is his next step in life. He is specifically focused on those with learning centers, so he can get assistance when needed due to his disabilities. He plans to major in anything along the lines of Media Studies and Theater.

Some colleges he is considering attending include Marist College in Dutchess County, NY; Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY; St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, NY; Boston University in Boston, MA; Drexel  University in Philadelphia, PA; American University in Washington, D.C.; and George Mason University in Fairfax County, VA.