Holiday display in memory of Detective Holder

Holiday display in memory of Detective Holder|Holiday display in memory of Detective Holder|Holiday display in memory of Detective Holder
Frank Seddio, Kings County Democrat chairman entertaining the crowd.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Last Sunday, Dec. 5, little Neimier, a family member of slain NYPD Detective Randolph Holder flipped the switch at the Seddio family 2015 holiday display, illuminating the corner of Flatlands Avenue and E 90th Street in honor of the fallen hero.

Hundreds of residents crowed the area and watched in awe as Frank Seddio, Kings County Democrat chairman, joined Mrs. Holder, her sister, Sherry and others, against the backdrop of a spectacular Christmas light show with thousands of lights, animated toys,and a carousel decorated with Caribbean flags.

Senator Roxanne Persaud, in whose 19th Senatorial District the more than 40-year-old tradition has brought cheer to the neighborhood, spoke of the warm temperature saying, “It’s nice out here, this means Detective Randolph Holder is smiling down and saying thank you for this acknowledgement. He made the ultimate sacrifice for us. We want to thank Frank Siddeo for all he has done and for brining the Holder family here to honor them.

Persaud had recommended that Detective Holder be honored in keeping with the Seddio family custom to honor residents who had made significant contributions to the community. “Like the Holders, I am from Guyana so we share a special connection. On behalf of all Guyanese, we thank Mr. Seddio for honoring a son of Guyana’s soil,” said Senator Persaud before wishing the gathering a Happy Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanza.

Assistant Chief Maddrey of Brooklyn Police Patrol North, who joined Chief Police Officer Scholl of Patrol South, said the Christmas cheer by the Seddio family was more special this year because they dedicated and honored a true hero — Detective Holder, “he did a very tough job for our safety,” he said. Public Advocate Letitia James in turn, reminded the gathering that, “when you see the beauty of this house we will remember Detective Holder.”

“Let’s continue to remember the families of Detective Holder, Detective Ramos, Detective Liu and Detective Moore,” added James of the other fallen NYPD detectives.

Students of PS 115 singing carols at the Seddio family 2015 holiday display in Canarsie, Brooklyn.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Councilmember Alan Mansel, who requested a button worn by Princess Holder with the image of Detective Holder, lamented that it is intolerable when a loved one who defends the public never returns home at night.

“We have to continually remember them and cherish what they have done, this is why Mr. Siddeo honored Detective Holder,” said Mansel

Randolph Holder Sr., father of Detective Holder said, “I feel great that they did this in remembrance of Randolph, it shows that his life lives on, and I thank Mr. Seddio and Senator Roxanne Persaud for what they have done and hope they continue to do good things so that the citizens of this city will live in peace.”

The retired Guyana police officer added, “I want to give praise to my son for the commitment he gave to the NYPD, he died a hero.”

“I praise him for the discipline he grew up with in Guyana, and the level he attained that allowed him to join the NYPD. Unfortunately, he lost his life defending the city. I still feel sad, and I am still coping with my son’s tragic death. Every function I attend, a fresh wound opens up,” he sighed.

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, and other elected officials, who expressed their gratitude to the Seddio family, viewed the festive celebration that was punctuated by singing of carols by students of the PS 115 Musical Club and conducted by Gail Difriend, Roger Hanson and his elves and the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause.

Photo by Tangerine Clarke

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