Hoodcelebrityy uplifts students during Tri-State visit

Students during Hoodcelebrityy’s visit to a school in Tri-state area

Known for captivating music lovers with her infectious hooks and empowering lyrics, Hoodcelebrityy took some time out to uplift students in the Tri-state area. 

Visiting youths across New York City, ages 11-18 years old, Hoodcelebrityy made surprise pop-ups to Madiba Prep Middle School for Social Justice and Innovation, The Urban Assembly Harlem, and New York Edge-The Young Women’s Leadership School of Brooklyn, Ronnie Tomlinson, a Brooklyn-based, Jamaican-born entertainment publicist and chief executive officer of Destine Media, told Caribbean Life on Monday. 

“The experience visiting these schools and speaking to the students was everything,” Hoodcelebrityy said. “I really got to see how smart and talented some of these students are. I always wanted to perform and speak to students, because that’s an opportunity I wish I had as a student.

“Growing up, we only got to see celebrities perform on TV and only got to feel their energy via television but never in person,” she added. “Therefore, getting the opportunity as an artist to speak to students and letting them know I’m no different from them, they could all make it out if they put their mind to their goals. 

“My message to all students is if I could do it so can you, stay consistent,” Hoodcelebrityy continued. 

Accompanied by DJ Moody, Hoodcelebrityy performed a few of her hits for students and gave them a snippet of her soon-to-be-released single “Catch It”, set to release Jan. 7, 2022, Tomlinson said. 

She said that, immediately after the performance students had the opportunity to ask questions, take pictures and interact with Hoodcelebrityy. 

“This day I will never forget, you are my inspiration” one young lady at New York Edge- The Young Women’s Leadership School of Brooklyn told Hoodcelebrityy, according to Tomlinson. 

“Hoodcelebrityy is beautiful, humble, and talented,” said Erica Rodriguez, principal of New York Edge -The Young Women’s Leadership School of Brooklyn. “She spoke on the importance of education, believing in yourself, and the value of consistency. And, for that, we are grateful.”

Tomlinson said Hoodcelebrityy also had the opportunity to visit her former teacher, now principal, at The Urban Assembly Harlem, Roony Vizcaino.

“Since a child, Tina has been an example of humility, perseverance, positivity and empowerment,” said Vizcaino about Hoodcelebrityy. “Everyone that comes in close contact with Tina is blessed with her positive aura. Tina believed in herself and continues to bring that energy to all her fans.”

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