I-Octane ‘So Sorry’

Jamaican recording artist I-Octane. PlaybookMG/Marie Driven
Jamaican recording artist I-Octane.
PlaybookMG/Marie Driven

On March 18, 2022, Jamaican recording artist I-Octane released his much-anticipated fifth studio album, “I am Great,” produced by renowned billboard charting producer, Troy “Troyton Music” Hinds.

This past Friday, the prolific artist released on his official channel, the poignant visuals for “So Sorry” (https://youtu.be/gwgTlylmY_I), the lead single from the 15th track, “I am Great,” upcoming-album.

The video, directed by coveted videographer Christopher “IceyJays” Campbell, was filmed in Miami and depicts a “vulnerable” I-Octane.

“This song means a lot to me, and it’s coming from a deep place for many reasons,” I-Octane said. “When you’re in the fast lane, you often overlook many things and people. So, this song, ‘Sorry’, helps me to speak my truth and also hopefully inspire and help others to look into themselves.

“Because of my ego, I have done a lot of wrongs along the way, but it’s never too late to find yourself as a person,” he added. “Every time I hear this song, ‘Sorry,’ it moves something inside my soul, because of how deep and real it is for me.

“The video was hard for me to shoot, because I had to relive certain moments and bring all these emotions to life,” I-Octane continued. “The song and video were a therapy for me, and I hope it impact others the same.”

“So Sorry” gives an insight into Octane’s “I am Great” latest musical journey.

The melodious soundtrack delivers topics that run the spectrum of social commentary, inspirational themes, candid truths, love, fondness and affection – all written by the artist himself, with the exception of
“Give Thanks”, “Change My Life”, “Just Life” and “Self Made” co-written by Ashiek Muir and Rygin King on the collab “Paranoid” track.

“Just like the rest of the world, this past few years has been about self-reflection,” I-Octane said. “Having to be still for someone like me was harder than one would think.

“I am so used to traveling shows to shows, country to country, but with the pandemic I had to stand still with myself,” he added. “Time alone made me put pen to paper and just let everything out. From what’s going on in the world, to what’s going on in my soul. I always write about life, but this was more in-depth.”

Speaking on working with Octane, Troyton said: “Working with I-Octane on this album overall was just great, as the title of the album suggests.

“We understand each other well and what we want to hear,” he said. “The chemistry to make music together that translates into hits is easy. Because of his work ‘hectic’, it was a vibe.”


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