If you love novels with spice, swipe right on this one

“Careful What You Click For” author Mary B. Morrison.
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“Careful What You Click For” by Mary B. Morrison

c.2020, Kensington Dafina $26.00 / $35.00

Canada 304 pages

Left, left, right, left again.

You’d never date that one. Or that one. Yes to him, no, no, yes, and WOW yes. Meeting folks on a phone isn’t something Great-Grandma ever did, and in the new novel “Careful What You Click For” by Mary B. Morrison, Granny never dated like this, either.

Not many people could afford to retain the services of Jordan Jackson.

The lovely Ms. Jackson was a lawyer who commanded big money to get her clients out of trouble, but power and influence didn’t love her. She hadn’t had a man in her bed in many months. It was time to do something about that.

Jordan knew Victoria, Chancellor, and Kingston from Hope for All Church; they were the usher team. Victoria, sixty-something but looking far younger, was the mistress of a much older man. Chancellor was in love with a woman who only paid her bills with sugar daddies. Kingston was a rich and famous former athlete who was cheating on his wife, and Jordan was tired of all their complaints. She challenged them to go online to find the love they claimed they really wanted.

Book cover of “Careful What You Click For” by Mary B. Morrison.

For Victoria, pleasure from a younger man was an excellent idea; her long-time lover, Willy Copeland, didn’t even know what he couldn’t do anymore. She adored Willy, but her body needed what he couldn’t give her.

Though he hated Tracy, Chancellor hated seeing her flirt with other men more. Didn’t he give her thousands of dollars in their first weeks together, supposedly for a funeral for her mother? Yeah, and Mom was alive and well. Chancellor couldn’t decide if he wanted to kill Tracy or love her. Maybe a new woman was a good idea.

As for Kingston, he lied to his friends. He told them he wasn’t married to his baby-mama, Monet (he was). He said he might be interested in dating a woman from the ATL (he wasn’t).

No, what he really wanted was an ATL man.

Picture this: if you were to take your average decently-plotted thriller-mystery, plus one romp-com, and smush them into a hard-core porn film until they mixed well, “Careful What You Click For” is pretty much what you’d get.

Author Mary B. Morrison starts out with more mating than murder, and it’s laid on so thick that there’s your romp, complete with humor, drama, and characters that are rich, gorgeous, and never time-constrained. Beware that these parts of this book are explicit.

Say it again: explicit.

But just before a reader gets tired of so many bedrooms, Morrison sneaks in the thriller parts. Things take big turns for the worst. Folks get comeuppances. There’s a hidden real-life warning here that is put-on-a-sweater chilling. And, of course, there’s more spice and more sex with – believe it or not – a heroine inside this story.

Start this book and be willing to laugh with it. Be willing to go along with its outrageousness. Beware: explicit. Race to the end, and you might find “Careful What You Click For” to be just right.