Improved cargo service to the region

Improved cargo service to the region

Caribbean Cargo & Package Services with offices in New York and Guyana have signed an operating agreement with Econocaribe Consolidators, the worldwide leading international freight consolidator to the Caribbean.

Bobby Vieira, president of Caribbean Cargo indicated this agreement, which became effective April 1 will allow both companies to offer an improved service.

Vieira stated that due to Econocaribe’s more than 40 years of experience as the leading consolidator of cargo to the Caribbean region, their infrastructure, which allows for the efficient movement of air and ocean cargo, as well as their state of the art technology, make them the ideal partner for Caribbean Cargo to have an operational agreement.

John Abisch, president of Econocaribe Consolidators stated that due to Caribbean Cargo’s convenient location in Jamaica, N.Y., their more than 10 years of expertise in handling cargo, their professional knowledge of the personal effects business and Vieira’s personal reputation as a leader in the physical handling of the cargo, make them an ideal partner to handle the warehouse operations for Econocaribe’s growing personal effects business.

Abisch added that under the leadership of Gordon Berment, Econocaribe’s director of the New York office, Econocaribe has continued to expand and improve the services offered from New York.

According to Berment, an 18+ year professional manager in international transportation, this operating agreement will allow both organizations to focus on their core competencies. “During 2011, Econocaribe will offer direct consolidations from New York to Guyana, Jamaica (each Kingston and Montego Bay), Barbados, Trinidad and Antigua,” said Berment.

Additionally, Econocaribe will be able to offer worldwide service from Jamaica, New York with a focus on the Caribbean and Africa. Having Caribbean Cargo handle the physical operation will allow Econocaribe to focus on the customer service and international logistics.

The cooperation with Vieira’s organization extends beyond the USA, as they will also have cooperation for the weekly consolidations from New York to Guyana due to Vieira’s company in Guyana overseeing the unloading of the cargo and providing professional customer service.

Berment said the synergies between Caribbean Cargo & Econocaribe Consolidators will allow the licensed NVO’s who specialize in the barrel trade an excellent vendor.

“The cooperation with Econocaribe is a partnership program I had envisioned years ago, and to see this cooperation come to the market is something I am confident will greatly facilitate the movement of cargo for the trade,” said Vieira.