In Essence a tapped Spice Island Flack capped with doctorate

In Essence a tapped Spice Island Flack capped with doctorate
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Tapped in the late 1990s by Columbia Records to direct a publicity campaign aimed at marketing Black talent in the music industry, a young Grenadian native transitioned from a path in journalism to factor in steering the music trajectory of newcomer Mariah Carey, Beyonce and others and was recently capped for an honorary doctorate.

Now and going forward to be referred to as Dr. Yvette Noel Schure she was robed, conferred and lauded by St. Peter’s University at their 128th commencement with an honorary doctorate of Humane letters honoris causa.

The St. Andrews-born, Spice Island national gushed with gratitude as members of her family, friends and graduates witnessed a ceremony officiated by Eugene J. Cornnacchia, president of the New Jersey Jesuit institution.

She presented the inspirational commencement address and was herself conferred an honoree.

Pride prevailed throughout the crowd comprised of an audience that probably recognized the celebrity honoree from reports of her role as Beyonce’s publicist and special assistant.

Most recently the publicist allegedly rushed in defense of her client who supposedly gave a “side eye” signal in retaliation to an overly friendly admirer of Beyonce’ husband Jay Z.

Faster than a Donald Trump clap-back tweet about fake news, Noel-Schure cleared the air asking for tolerance and positivity.

Her no-nonsense assault on negativity has earned her respect from reporters who work the entertainment beat and even gossip trolls who claim credibility fueling flames of malcontent.

Read this month’s Essence Magazine for a sneak peek as the Grenadian fashionista promotes travel, fashion, a local designer and a brand, new resort on her Caribbean island.

The lifestyle pub focused their lens on the national who in her quest for ink as a publicist pitched the creativity of Will Smith, Kenny Lattimore, Diana King, Tony Rebel, Supercat, Destinys Child, John Legend, The Fugees, Susan Boyle and a long list of recorders signed to the premiere, pop music record label.

Throughout her tenure there she also nurtured relationships that bypassed a pitch with new releases from Nancy Wilson, Johnny Mathis, Prince, Michelle Williams Kelly Rowland and Beyonce.

Avoiding blurred lines, an Essence writer and photographer filled a page with editorial commentary and glamorous punctuations to sell the Eastern Caribbean destination Noel-Schure often boasts.

She is spotlighted wearing a lemonade colored jumpsuit with pockets that beg a hand.

Also featured at, the fashion-forward ambassador sports a pastel getaway beach outfit that seem to cascade from the breezes of the Eastern Caribbean Silver Sands Resort.

A video accentuates images of her walking poolside Grenada’s latest construction of the longest swimming pool in the region.

Reportedly the pool measures the size of two-Olympic pools.

Along the perimeter, lengthened by the blue Caribbean Sea, the New Jersey resident is seen sauntering stylishly past inviting waters, sipping coconut water through a straw and talking about the uniqueness of her island.

June issue now on newsstands for Black Music Month and Caribbean Heritage Month displays in photos why Grenada should be the next getaway for travelers to the Eastern Caribbean.

Reliable for presenting an interesting storyline on behalf of her island’s many more attractions, she decorates in more than one thousand words to introduce the brand new beachside, hospitality setting.

It probable would demand an entire book to document the journey Noel-Schure has traveled since migrating to the United States. Travels through Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean with Beyonce could compile a world journal. But she has enhanced her own profile by balancing her career with a family.

A novel might trace her arrival at age 14. She attended City College of New York. There, she developed a penchant for a career in journalism.

Finding love along the way she became a teen bride by marrying David Schure at age 17. Following that she immediately identified herself with a hybrid byline.

Inevitably, soon after Michael, a son made her a mother.

Before long Noel-Schure found herself straddling domesticity with an ambition to achieving professional success.

Lady luck must have visited because she was able to do both.

After graduation, a leap from reporting hard news at a newspaper resulted with landing a job at a national entertainment magazine where she refined her pen covering the young, movers and shakers in the music industry.

Before long, Columbia Records took notice and recruited her to work in their publicity division.

Carey benefited from prevailing buzz and ink generated by Noel Schure’s contacts in a majority of Black publications — Ebony, Jet, Essence, Black Radio Exclusive (BRE), Right On! Class, Word Up! Black Beat, Modern Black Man, Sister 2 Sister and a myriad of publications.

History now records that before long Noel-Schure became fully loaded with assignments to publicize a long list of up and coming and super-talents.

Fast forward to Beyonce’s solo expedition when she invited Noel Schure out from the corporate maze selling jazz, rhythm and blues, hip-hop, and into her own solo excursion.

It was then that Mr. and Mrs. Schure ventured into a business partnership they named Schuremedia.

Beyonce became a priority.

Together they conquered the world traveling, as partners with a single goal to succeed.

Recently Noel-Shure’s youngest daughter Milan also capped a milestone graduating from Boston University.

Perhaps Dr. Noel Schure’s next project will be a definitive book about how to go from director at a record label to doctor of honors?

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