In-person Caribbean Carnival’s back with a bang

Masquerader at the launch of Caribbean Carnival at King's Theater on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn.
Masquerader at the launch of Caribbean Carnival at King’s Theater on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn.
Photo by Nelson A. King

The West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA), organizer of Brooklyn’s Caribbean Carnival, said on Tuesday that the in-person pageantry returns on Thursday with five successive days of spectacular carnival.

WIADCA, which is celebrating 55 years of carnival, said in a statement that the spectacle runs through Monday, Labor Day, culminating with the massive Carnival Parade on Brooklyn’s major thoroughfare, Eastern Parkway.

“Road rules are safety first, costumes only and culture matters,” WIADCA stressed. “The lifeblood of carnival is our community and cultural partners, and we applaud them all for sticking with us to keep our culture alive.”

WIADCA said, this year, its cultural partners/presenters are “working tirelessly to bring the pageantry of authentic Caribbean Carnival back to the road.”

Except for the Labor Day Carnival Parade, all events take place on the Brooklyn Museum grounds.

They comprise: Thursday, Sept. 1 – “Vibes w/Voicey: The Concert Tour”; Friday, Sept. 2 – “Island 2 Island”, an explosion of live performances from favorite soca artists and DJs backed by a live band; and Saturday, Sept. 3 – Junior Carnival Parade, International Youth Fest and Pan in ‘A’ Minor “With a Minor Change” – “musical feast of rhythmic melodies over the sweet sounds of steel, concert style, with steel bands led by some of New York’s renowned pan virtuosos.”

WIADCA said the Junior Carnival Parade will feature Junior Grand Marshal Savaha Williams, and that the Youth Fest will showcase live performances by emerging talent.

Participating bands include: Sesame Carnival, Mango Tree/Platinum Kids, D’Midas International NY, Kaisokah Mas’, Sherzel Productions, Mas’ Productions Unlimited, Stronjeh International, DaMas Productions and Gemz Kidz.

For Pan in ‘A’ Minor With a Minor Change,” WIADCA said it is “serving this musical feast of rhythmic melodies over the sweet sounds of steel, concert style, with steel bands led by some of New York’s renowned pan virtuosos.

They include Unison Steel Orchestra, Tyler Cohen & Friends, PESO, Kendall K. Williams & Pan in Motion, Steel Sensation, Andre White & Island Interlude, Jordan Guy (soloist) and D’ Radoes.

Other events are: Sunday, Sept. 4 – “Paintopia” and “Amnesia Day Party”, featuring “an all-DJ cast, good food, plenty vibes”; and Monday, Sept. 5 – New York Carnival Parade 2022, Eastern Parkway.

“Carnival Monday, we hit ‘di’ road, as carnival bandleaders present an array of costumed masterpieces,” WIADCA said.

Participating bands comprise: D’ Original Limers, B Paradise Mas’, Sesame Carnival, Sky Maxx Mas’, Antoine International, Caribbeing Inc., Banboche Mas’, Mango Tree Production, New Horizon, Cocoa Diamond Productions, Elements of Runway, Creole Jam, Afro Kreyol, Branches Mas’, Greenz United, Suga Candy Mas’, Freaks Mas’ and D’Midas International NY.

WIADCA said four 2022 New York Carnival Grand Marshals will make history by “walking Brooklyn’s Cultural Row in solidarity to commemorate WIADCA’s 55th Anniversary.”

They are: Puerto Rican Victoria Cruz, LGBTQ Rights activist; Ingrid Lewis-Martin, chief advisor to Mayor Eric Adams, of Barbados and Panama roots; Congresswoman Stacey E. Plaskett, of the US Virgin Islands; and Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso, whose parents hail from the Dominican Republic.

Several cultural groups will also participate, including Braata Productions (Jonkanoo); Garifuna Spiritual Enrichment Society; and Day of Independence Committee of Panamanians in NY, Inc.

WIADCA said the 2022 partners/culture activators include Con Edison, MetroPlus Health, Spectrum, EmblemHealth, Altice, Gilead Sciences, New York State Nurses Association, One Brooklyn, TWU, UFT, Moulin Rouge, NAACP Brooklyn, Brooklyn Community Pride Center, Explore Schools, Uber Soca Cruise, Medgar Evers College, Good Co. Bike Club LLC. C-Town (Brooklyn), Bedessee, Caribbean Life, WPIX 11, BRIC TV and Triple 9 Radio.