Independence Message from the New York Consul General

Fellow Barbadians:

Forty-five years as an independent country! I ask that you take a few moments and allow all that this milestone signifies, to permeate your very being. Forty-five years ago, there was intense discussion on the benefits of Independence. Some would have queried how and why would a country of 166 square miles, a monoculture economy with no significant natural resources, even consider such an option. As it often is, time has proven to be the arbiter and has answered any concerns of that era.

I am not positing that there were not challenges along the way; no, my country men and women, I am suggesting that we have not buried the one talent given to us, but rather, with God as our “people’s guide” have taken this talent and maximised it to the highest potential possible and today we have a country and countrymen to which we can be very proud.

At present, Barbados like many other countries is still faced with serious challenges to its economy. This is therefore your opportunity to once again respond positively and think of creative ways of assisting our brothers and sisters at home. It is a noted fact that Barbadians in the Diaspora have always been crucial to our country’s development, so I urge you to continue in this vein by supporting the initiatives of the Tourism and Investment offices which are geared towards sustaining our economy.

Our anthem states “In plenty and in time of need”. Let these words which we have sung time and time again resonate within as we seek to maintain our country’s progress. “Onward Ever, Backward Never”!

God bless you all and God bless Barbados!

Lennox O. Price

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