Ity & Fancy Cat return to Brooklyn

Popular Jamaican comedic duo Ity & Fancy Cat is back in New York by popular demand, and now putting the final touches on their set for The Ity & Fancy Show Replay, set to take place at George W. Wingate Campus in Brooklyn on Sunday, Nov. 7 at 5:00 p.m.

Ity & Fancy Cat will on this occasion be joined on stage by a complement of television cast of the popular Jamaican TV series, which includes Rozah Roze and Kathy Grant, aka, “The Country Helper.” In addition, balladeer Ed Robinson will be wooing the audience with his sensational voice.

“We are happy to return to New York so quickly to entertain our fans in this market, many of whom watch us each week on television,” noted Ity & Fancy Cat. “To ensure the total satisfaction of patrons and thank them for their support, we have invited the TV cast to be part of this special performance.”

Ity & Fancy Cat first came to public attention when they were cast in the Courts (Jamaica) Furniture advertising campaign, and continued to increase in popularity with numerous corporate and other engagements such as the Caribbean leg of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

The comedic duo remains one of the hottest acts currently operating out of the Caribbean, and will be sure to have the audience in fits of laughter and begging for more.

Owen “Blakka” Ellis, who serves as chief script writer for their exciting and hilarious television series, will host Ity & Fancy Cat Replay.

According to producers WB Radio and VEP Production, “We thank our loyal patrons and look forward to delivering another top quality entertainment package. With Ity ready to go and fresh from the laughter assault in Canada, the comedy duo returns to the Brooklyn stage along with the talented television cast to excite and provide an evening of non-stop laughter.”

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