Jamaica to deploy surveillance aircraft

Jamaica will deploy a surveillance aircraft to strengthen the country’s border-protection system as part of several new measures in its fight against crime.

National Security Minister Robert Montague revealed this information during a media briefing recently.

He said the government is taking a very conscious decision that “we are going to invest heavily in national security to ensure citizens’ safety and security.”

The minister said the aircraft which was already purchased will be in the island by July but will not become operational until next year because “we have to build specialized surveillance equipment and install it on the aircraft.”

Montague said in the meantime, Jamaica will acquire an additional naval ship, outfitted with a helicopter, from the United Kingdom next month.

A vessel was recently procured through the Jamaica Customs Agency.

The national security minister said that following bilateral meetings with the United States government, both countries have agreed to share intelligence “because a lot of the traffic in our waters is being monitored by the United States navy and coastguard”.

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