Jamaica to name a highway after singer Harry Belafonte

National orders served in Jamaica
U.S singer Harry Belafonte.
Associated Press / Ronald Zak; File
Jamaica Prime Minister, Andrew Holness has announced that one of the country’s highways will be named in honor of the renowned singer, civil rights activists and actor, Harry Belafonte.
Holness made the announcement on March 1, 2022 to coincide with the 95th birthday of Belafonte, who has Jamaican parentage.
“As we celebrate with Harry Belafonte, his 95 years, the government and people of Jamaica…in this our 60th year of Independence…will name one of our highways after the titan in his honor and in recognition of the long road to freedom Harry Belafonte has traversed on behalf of our people,” Holness said.
Belafonte is known for his recording of “The Banana Boat,” with his signature lyric “Day-O.”
He has recorded and performed in many genres, including blues, folk, gospel and American standards. He also starred in several films, including “Island in the Sun” (1957) and “Odds Against Tomorrow” (1959).

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