Lara’s call to the ICC

Brian Lara
Former West Indies player Brian Lara.
Associated Press/Asanka Brendon Ratnayake/File
Former West Indies Captain, Brian Lara has expressed his disappointment over international cricketers opting to play for Twenty20 domestic cricket instead of playing Test matches for their country.
He said the International Cricket Council (ICC) should have a rule where a cricketer must play a certain number of games for his country before being a part of the T20 leagues.
Lara, the legendary batsman, played 131 matches for West Indies in his red-ball career, said players should prioritize playing for their country first and asked the ICC to prepare strict rules regarding the issue.
“Playing for country should come first. Because I played for West Indies, other opportunities had opened for me. It’s disappointing to see young cricketers leaving Test cricket. Something needs to be done,” Lara told Sportsstar.
Lara is the strategic advisor and batting coach of the Indian Premier League team Sunrises Hyderabad.

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