‘Lawd’ spotlights Caribbean creatives

‘Lawd’ spotlights Caribbean creatives
Founders of visual magazine, “Lawd” (left) Sinead Collymore and Sache Alexander-George.
Luigi Creese

Visual magazine, “Lawd” shines a light on Caribbean creatives everywhere. The quarterly publication is the brainchild of Trinidadians, 27-year-old Sinead Collymore-Jones and business partner, Sache Alexander–George. They came up with the name after thinking of a phrase recognized in the Caribbean and the diaspora.

Born out of the frustration of only seeing occasional highlights of Caribbean creatives they wanted a space for them to be recognized regularly, “It’s frustrating for us as Caribbean people to once in a blue moon have a Bob Marley or a Koffee and that’s dictated by global media and what they choose to highlight or share about us,” said Collymore–Jones “So, if no one else is going to represent the fact that there is a whole culture, livelihood, life, breath and color happening 24/7, then why not me?”

The first issue of “Lawd” is set to launch on Instagram, Feb. 1. This month’s theme entitled, “The Folding Chair” inspired by Shirley Chisolm’s quote, “If they don’t give you a seat at the table bring a folding chair” is exactly what Collymore–Jones and Alexander–George set out to do. The issue will feature fellow Trinidadians: musicians Voice the Artiste and Jimmy October, and beauty and wellness entrepreneur Kathryn Nurse.

Although the first issue showcases talent from her homeland, she hopes to feature people from all over the Caribbean, “It’s not a Trinidad thing …We want this to be a collaborative effort amongst the islands, not just one of us but all of us.” Collymore–Jones names Rihanna, Koffee, and Amanda Seales to be among talents she hopes to collaborate with along with the diaspora in New York and beyond. Check out @Lawdthemag for the first issue, “The Folding Chair” and future updates.

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