Lydia Caesar gets warm welcome

Lydia Caesar gets warm welcome

A big welcome home!

Songstress Lydia Caesar performed her first New York Concert at Milk River Lounge in Bedford-Stuyvesant on May 17. The Hollis, Queens–born singer returned to the city for a show to debut new songs from her newly released album “Queen of Hearts.” The singer was nervous about singing at her first home show but her audience’s positive reaction killed all her of her stage fears, she said.

“It’s always scary to sing new material even to the fans, because you never know how people will respond but I was really humbled because they got it right away,” said Caesar. “Whenever I come home, it’s nerve-wracking because I’m hoping that people come out and it’s also my first show performing an album I produced with my husband, but the biggest thing was that people came out, and they really showed up.”

At the show she sang two fan favorites tracks and seven new songs. Seeing the crowd sing along was one of the most exciting things to see, she said.

“It’s humbling when you see people singing your lyrics — I put the mic out to the crowd and had them sing and it’s really special to see that,” said Caesar.

Out of her new songs, the song paying homage to her Caribbean heritage, “Caribbean Girl,” received a lot of positive criticism from the crowd, as well as songs “Crawling Back” and “Shake It.” After the show fans praised her for a relatable song and recalled how her songs , said Caesar.

“I got great feedback — when the show ended I would have people come out to me and say ‘How did you you know I was going through this?’, she said. “It’s powerful when people receive yours ong and that’s why I do music. It’s a great way to communicate and relate to what I’m saying and if someone can relate, I did my job.”

But the highlight of the night Caesar’s daughter also performing on stage. The moment was a hit with fans and she says this was also an opportunity to pass the torch and have her daughter explore the world of music.

“She stole the show and the crowd went absolutely crazy,” she said. “Just to share stage with her, she’s mine and she has a stage presence — she has a gift that I encourage her and having her on stage is a great way for her to get used to performing and having a platform.”

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