Mandela, Lucky Dube hailed

More love was harnessed in one San Diego, California space on July 19 than on any June wedding day in the entire state. The love fest at the World Beat Center marked tributes to two South African legends – Nelson Mandela AKA Mandiba, the nation’s first Black president, and Lucky Dube, the nation’s pre-eminent reggae ambassador who was slain in 2007.

Mandiba’s joyous celebration marked his 93 years on earth and the 67 he gave in service to the world displaying a calm perseverance to the abolition of apartheid and separatist rule in his homeland.

While his name was regaled across the globe, on the anniversary of his actual birth date of July 18, he asked that everyone who understood his life’s work to take time to give back with duty and service to mankind.

Organizers of Mandela Day celebrations — a tradition which first launched July 18, 2009 — asked that individuals devoted 67 minutes to performing acts of human kindness in tribute to the international hero who refused to yield to apartheid rule and was ultimately jailed for 27 years.

In San Diego, his name was regaled in music, message and film – the “Life & Times” documentary at an event hosted by Makeda Dread, a cultural activist. She booked Nkulee Dube, the daughter of Lucky Dube with Inzinde for a double tribute to two of the most acclaimed South Africans.

Dube was killed during a botched carjacking in his homeland on Oct. 18, 2007.

He was 43 years old and the father of seven children.

According to reports, the anti-apartheid reggae recorder was named Lucky at birth (Aug. 3, 1964) because his mother was told she would never be able to conceive children. That name and a lot of talent earned Dube, world accreditation and international success.

His 24-year-old daughter who sang with his One People Band is now on the touring circuit and seems to be spreading his message on her own terms. She is considered best at fusing ethno-soul with ethno-jazz and has performed in Europe and throughout Africa.

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