Maroons mark 274th anniversary

Jamaicans voted change in government recently but on, Jan. 6, Maroons on the island will reflect on the 274 years since their leader Captain Cudjoe signed a peace treaty with the English colonial powers.

Many Jamaicans and foreigners are expected to journey to Accompong in the hills of St. Elizabeth to participate in a ritual that celebrates the historic achievement.

On the occasion, the Festival will take on an even more national flavor as it is included among the hallmark events for the celebration of Jamaica 50.

On the anniversary date the Accompong Festival will feature many exciting activities, such as drumming and dancing by the Kindah (Family) Tree, traditional preparation and serving of jerk pork, the Young Warriors Race, storytelling, and a civic ceremony.

The Peace Treaty of 1738 marked the first occasion when the military might of the then imperial power, England, was successfully defeated by the African population. After waging relentless war on the English over many years, including disrupting their economy through successive raiding and burning of plantations as well as through strategic skirmishes with English troops, the Maroons caused the English to journey to Accompong to strike a deal that saw Accompong being given the status of a free, independent country. The success of this struggle allegedly influenced other struggles that took place in the region, including the Haitian Revolution.

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