Mas Productions Unlimited seeks ‘Sanctuary’

Aaliyah Aaron portrays “Fire Bird.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

The Brooklyn-based Mas Productions Unlimited says it is seeking “Sanctuary” during this year’s West Indian American Day Carnival Parade.

“It is a stark reminder that all of the wonderful plumage used in carnival comes from birds,” said band leader Wesley Millington about the presentation, “Sanctuary: A Habitat for Birds,” in a Caribbean Life interview.

“Living creatures and their conservation and preservation should be a matter of concern and interest,” added the veteran Vincentian mas man.

Millington said the children band presentation comprises three sections: Fire Bird and Bird of Paradise for girls, and Golden Eagle for boys.

“We are hoping for at least 40 children in each section for girls and 10 in the boys’,” he said.

Millington said, despite the production’s Vincentian base, masqueraders of all nationalities are welcomed.

“Our participants come from all over,” he said. “We don’t limit participants based on nationality.

“Our aim is to introduce the next generation of masqueraders to carnival,” he added. “Thus, we try to encourage the kids to have fun and enjoy the festival.”

With just a few days left before the grand extravaganza, Millington said preparations are “going well.”

“All members of our group are busy helping to prepare the costumes,” he said.

Millington said the aim of the mas band – founded by the late, veteran Vincentian mas man Neusam “Sam” DeBique in 1992 – is geared towards “maintaining a Vincentian presence in Brooklyn Carnival and promoting Vincentian culture in general.”

The mas camp is located at 397 East, 96th St., between Lenox Road and Wilmore Street in Brooklyn.

Millington can be reached at (718) 759-7766.

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