Mayor DeBlasio honors Fly Jamaica Airways

Mayor Bill DeBlasio recently honored Fly Jamaica Airways’ executive director and co-owner, Mrs. Roxanne Reece, with a citation for the stellar service the carrier provides to the Diaspora, and for her years of philanthropic work.

Pastor James Richmond, community liaison, on behalf of the politician, presented Mrs. Reece with the prestigious honor during an event hosted by the Brooklyn based, Guyana Unity Movement (GUM), to welcome First Lady of Guyana, Sandra Granger to New York.

Roxanne Reece, who was also presented with a plaque from Mrs. Granger, on behalf of the Guyana Unity Movement (GUY), was congratulated, and thanked by President of GUM Sherif Barker Fraser, for Fly Jamaica Airways’ commitment to the community.

Mrs. Reece, who is also the managing director, and co-owner of Guyana-based Wings Aviation Ltd., with more than 30 years of experience in the aviation field, spoke passionately about the exceptional services Fly Jamaica Airways provides to thousands of passengers from Jamaica, where the airline is based, and from Guyana with scheduled service to JFK, and Pearson Int. Airports.

Fly Jamaica Airways that commenced service five years ago, with inaugural flights to both Guyana and Jamaica, has maintained a consistent presence in the Caribbean countries, all thanks to the diligent work of Mrs. Reece, a Guyana born mother of four daughters, who has been engineering creative and diverse professional paths to take care of herself and her family.

Fondly called, Roxanne, this strong, generous lady, whose stirring path to success is attributed to commitment and hard work, starting with a 12-year career in banking, in both England and Guyana. Her drive ultimately led her to become an entrepreneur in fashion where she designed her own lines of ready to wear creations from her boutique Raffiné on Main Street, in Georgetown.

Many of her fashion shows were organized to help churches and other charitable organizations in their fundraising efforts, while lending support to local communities.

Multi-talented, Mrs. Reece designed jewelry from her home, inspiring and teaching her daughter the value of independence. An alum of the prestigious St. Joseph High school, Roxanne continues to support her communities, both at home in Guyana and throughout the Diaspora. She provides aid to alumni associations, grassroots organizations, charities, medical groups, cultural and sport organizations and individuals so that they may better execute their work in their communities.

Roxanne’s commitment to women’s rights influences all of her endeavors. Specifically, her focus on women’s economic empowerment and independence translated in initiatives within her own companies to hire, train and lead up the corporate ladder, women from all walks of life. Several of Fly Jamaica’s flight attendants are from interior villages of Guyana such as Surama, and other communities in Essequibo, West Demerara and Berbice.

With more than 400 staff worldwide in four different countries, the management of Fly Jamaica Airways and Wings Aviation Ltd. consists of 60 percent women.

Recent highlights of partnering with community organizations are in the two instances where girls and women benefited. Working with Help and Shelter in Georgetown, Guyana, Roxanne facilitated travel with Fly Jamaica Airways from Georgetown to New York, assisting a domestic abuse survivor to obtain prosthetic limbs. Roxanne also made it possible for a teenage girl with scoliosis to receive a medical procedure in Toronto, opening a new and confident path as she approaches womanhood.

Working daily as an aviation executive, Roxanne saw that there was no aviation component at the University of Guyana. Over the last two years, Roxanne partnered with Elena Trim from The University of Guyana to formulate the university’s first Aviation Management Degree. The program began January 2018 and has enrolled 18 candidates.

Mrs. Reece is a fierce advocate who is committed to the development of women, and remains a stalwart contributor to her local communities, her industries and her country.

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