Michael Jackson makes ‘Invincible’ stop in Coney Island

File photo of Michael Jackson performing in Munich
U.S. pop singer Michael Jackson dances during his performance in Munich’s Olympic stadium in this June 27, 1999 file photo. Michael Jackson, 50, died in Los Angeles on June 25, 2009 after rehearsing for a series of 50 concerts in London.
REUTERS/Michael Dalder/File

Twelve years after the untimely death of Michael Jackson his fans will pay a tribute to the ancestor at Coney Island on his 62nd birthday when Summerstage hosts a presentation billed “Invincible: A Glorious Tribute to Michael Jackson” on Sunday, Aug. 29.

They are sure to converge on the boardwalk’s amphitheater to pay homage to the king of pop who died in 2009 and also to experience the turntable music mélange DJ KS360 will provide.

Named from Jacksons 10th and final studio album “Invincible,” the Brooklyn showcase will combine similar r&b, pop and soul as Jackson incorporated when he invited Carlos Santana, The Notorious B.I.G. and Slash to join him on the project.

The “Invincible” album was considered by many to be a comeback for the legendary singer. It cost Epic Records, the label he was signed a whopping $30 million to make, the most expensive album ever made.

Jackson’s signature releases often combine themes such as love, romance isolation, media criticism and social issues.

According to the Summerstage website “Invincible: A Glorious Tribute to Michael Jackson is a performance of the King of Pop’s greatest hits – indelible anthems such as “Billie Jean” “Beat It” “Smooth Criminal” “Thriller” and more—as well as dance routines rehearsed for the HBO special One Night Only.”

Jackson influenced artists across many genres, and through stage and video performances, popularized complicated dance moves such as the moonwalk and the robot.

About MJ, Wikipedia states  —“Dubbed the “King of Pop,” he is regarded as one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century…his contributions to music, dance, fashion, and philanthropy, along with his publicized personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture.”

On the anniversary date, patrons to the concert will likely mimic the styles and costumes he fashioned through four decades of entertainment.

Jackson’s trendsetting wardrobe included sequined gloves, red leather, studded jacket, black fedora, white socks and loafers, military styled outfits, mirrored sunglasses and a plethora of enviable fashion-forward designs.

Since his untimely passing, film director Spike Lee has annually honored the music icon by hosting birthday tribute concerts in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

Proof of vaccination is required for entrance to the free concert which will accommodate patrons on a first come basis when the doors open at 5 pm.

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