Singer Michael Star.  Leo Marshall
Singer Michael Star.
Leo Marshall

Michael Star’s takeover this summer is already underway with the release of his latest, smooth high energy single, “Tun Up.”

“The young artist has thrilled audiences with musical stylings from as far back as 2014, but this new single comes on the heels of the success of his last ‘Feel Me,’” Ronnie Tomlinson, the Jamaican-born entertainment publicist, told Caribbean Life on Sunday.

“With a drum pattern reminiscent of the golden age of dancehall, Star uses his melodious voice to weave an intricate but rhythmic dance anthem,” she added.

Star, the New York-born singing talent, is the son of iconic Jamaican singer Mikey Spice.

Growing up in Atlanta, Tomlinson said Star got his start in local plays and talent shows, in which he won the hearts of many through his impressive dance skills and smooth melodious vocals.

“Being very familiar with music early on in his life, through his father, Michael adapted exceptionally fast, and his talent grew rapidly as it was nurtured in the entertainment space in Atlanta,” said Tomlinson, chief executive officer of Destine Media.

“Star would then go on to open for massive acts and performers like Wayne Wonder and Beres Hammond, where he truly learned to master stagecraft – something we can see reflected in the making of this new single, which is built for performance and movement,” she added.

Tomlinson said “Tun Up” is “a return to that philosophy of movement and dance being essential to the Jamaican musical experience.

“One could also say dancing as a core element in Star’s music is also a reflection of his musical influences, which he highlights are icons like Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown and Chris Brown,” she said, adding that Star has also invested in his other passions in his spare time.

“His theater experience, for instance, has blossomed into a love for film and stage, so much that the young artist now occupies some of his time writing scripts for short films,” Tomlinson continued. “This dexterity with his different talents translate to a much more calculated, controlled and masterful use of his musical skills.

“This latest single, ‘Tun Up,’ proves that, by being the masterpiece, it is, and it’s available everywhere to listen and download today,” she said.


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